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    Top 7 Wig Trends for Spring 2023

    Are you also fascinated by hair trends as much as we are? Then you will love to hear our top 8 trendy hairstyle for spring 2023. If you are new to our blogs or to LolaSilk in general you will love to hear that we are constantly monitoring the hair market to look for memorable looks that will become the next hit of the season.


    We pride ourselves for constantly develop and launch new styles that are glamorous, unique and wearable. We do all of that in partnership with suppliers, celebrities and social media specialists from all over the world to make sure we always bring to our clients their next dream hairstyle.


    Let’s dig into the hot trends for the season.

    1. From coppers to rubiesall tons of redish and orange are making a come back this spring. There something about these colours that perfectly fit with this time of the year. LolaSilk launched 2 new styles in line with this trend and both of them are flying out of the shelves like hot cakes.



    The wig above is a 8inch double drawn bone straight glueless frontal lace wig – that is a very big name to try to explain how amazing its quality it. The colour is the cherry on top of the cake that just helps you to create the most memorable hairsyles.


    If you like to be a bit bolder, this lace front synthetic wig is perfect for you. You won’t find anything that is so full and silky as this unit. If the weather is warm, you can definitely build a stunning updo like the one below:


    Long Body Wave Synthetic Hair Lace Front Glueless Wig Ginger Colour


    If you like these colours, there is no better time to grabe them than now. You will see many influencers starting to rock these styles on their pages during the entire season.


    2. Neutral Brunette –if you are used to wearing only black wigs but feel tempted to experiment with colours, you will love this trend that covers all sorts of brown colours from very light tons to almost black. You will see many new launches in brown popping out like this recent one from LolaSilk.



    It looks completely natural and absolutely “safe” for people that would love to move one step away from the black. It is important to mention that this wig is made with top grade Peruvian hair, so you will be able to dye it darker if you still feel that black is your game.

    3. Highlights – we are so happy to unveil this new trend. Highglights are the best colour for spring because they look like sun kisses on your hair, celebrating the start of warmer days.


    This is our synthetic bundles with highlights – a perfect example for this trend


    4. Chin-Skimming Bob – short bobs are always on trend but they always come stronger in a specific styles and one of them is the chin-length bob, which is around 8inches long.


    5. Lob – this is another bob style that will be a hot trend this season. Like the name suggests, it is a long bob, around 16inches. LolaSilk has brought 2 Lobs for you recently. They are both part of our glueless, super double drawn and bone straight line.


    The first one is a HD frontal lace and the second one is a Transparent lace frontwig. Both have the same type of raw human hair and will allow you to play around with different styles or even colours.


    6. Bixie: the last bob style to feature on this list is a mix of a pixie and a bob. Longer at the front and pixie at the back, this style is perfect for warmer days when you just don’t want your hair to make you feel hot. LolaSilk has an exclusive bixie style that comes with a full frontal lace, allowing to style it in many different ways.



    7. Ombre curly: this season will bring lots of splashes of colour even for curly hairstyles. Ombre wigs using copper, rubies or brown tons will be a hot trend as well. The LolaSilk Brazilian kinky full frontal lace ombre caramel wig is a perfect example of this trend.



    Now that you have just learned the hottest hairstyle trends for wigs and weaves this season, what is your favorite one? If you are looking for your next memorable hairstyle, don’t forget to check our latest launches. They come with a special price to celebrate the arrival of a new trendy style to the market and the best part is that you can get it now and pay later, using one of our “Buy now. Pay Later” options – click here to learn more about it


    Are you interested to know more about hair trends and how do we make sure we are always aligned with them? Then contact us by whatsapp (+27 83 795 3366) or email ( ) and we will be happy to assist you.


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