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    How to create memorable hairstyles?

    One of the most important questions that we, at LolaSilk, ask ourselves every time we are planning a new launch is: “Is this a memorable wig style?”. We are obsessed about researching and discovering the latest and hottest trends around the world and filtering them using this specific question. The units that have the potential to become memorable styles are the ones we will finally add to our portfolio of wigs.


    Memorable styles are the ones that cause a reaction on ourselves and other people. We want everyone around you to remember your hairstyle next time you choose a new wig at LolaSilk. We want them to pay attention to you and ask questions about your hair. Who doesn’t want to stand out from the crowd and leave a great impression?


    Have a look at our newest additions to our portfolio so you can have a better view of what we are talking about:




     A hairstyle has the power to change the way you look and how others perceive you. You don’t have to wear a purple funky hair to be memorable – it is all about creating a style that catches people attention and that can be done through an accent in the cut, colour or in the way you style your hair.


    You will know when you are wearing a memorable style, because it will make you feel absolutely gorgeous and not only “nice” or “put together”. If you are interested in this topic as well, you will love the list below with some tips on how you can build a memorable style and let people stare at you with admiration.


    Tip 1: Look for inspirations – there is no better way to find your next amazing hairstyle then to look around for inspiration. It could be on social media, following other people with hairstyles that you admire or looking at wig shops in the internet. The more you look around, the more you will learn about what you like and what you don’t like. The best part in this search is that you will probably end up with a look stuck in your mind and that is the perfect example of a memorable look. When it happens, this specific style that is constantly on your head is a great candidate to become your inspiration to build your own memorable look.


    Tip 2: Don’t fall into the trap of buying “because it was a good deal”. Building memorable styles is not about getting the cheaper price, it is all about finding the wig that will help you to create your vision. You don’t have to go over budget to find the appropriate style, but sometimes it is worth it to save up a little bit more and get something that you are really excited about than to settle for something that won’t make you feel special.


    When budget is a problem, remember that LolaSilk has options of “Buy Now. Pay Later” that allow you to split the payment into installments, so you get your wig after the first payment and the rest you pay later, after you have received your order, according to the payment plan that you chose.  Click here if you want to learn more about it.


    Tip 3: Look for something a little bit different than the rest. You also need to ask yourself a question every time you are looking for a new wig: “Does this have something unique?”. Let us give you some examples.


    The look below is an exclusive style at LolaSilk. It is a short curly full frontal Brazilian hair wig with a modern twist. It has a pixie cut at the back and a short bob look at the front, adding more volume to frame your face. When someone first look at you, they might see a normal bob wig, which wouldn’t necessary cause a big reaction, but when you turn around, they are immediately hit with this surprising pixie at the back. They will notice and remember that!



    Tip 4: Less is more. Try to create only one focal point in your look. If your hair is a bit bolder try to keep the rest of your look contained and vice versa otherwise it will look confusing and cause negative reactions instead of positive ones. If you know you will wear a bolder outfit for a specific occasion, try to avoid a wig that will create too much noise. This doesn’t mean your hairstyle will be boring. It can be perfectly styled in a way that makes you feel stunning and adds personality to your final look. 


    We believe that hairstyle is an expression of your personality, so wearing a memorable style that is aligned with your personality ultimately will make people remember you. There are lots of wig brands out there selling the exact same styles and only giving you options of types of lace, texture and length. We want to go beyond that and offer options of different types of cuts and colors and how this creates interesting looks that people won’t forget. If you are planning to invest in a new hairstyle that will bring all eyes to you, don’t forget to visit our online store or reach our to us by email ( or WhatsApp (+27 83 795 3366) – we will be more than happy to assist you in building your next memorable hairstyle.




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