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    Brazilian Closures

    Brazilian Closures for Sale Online in South Africa

    LolaSilk is a leading provider of high quality hair pieces and products that are offered at affordable prices, allowing women in South Africa to look and feel their best with the greatest of ease.

    Browse our selection of Brazilian closures and frontals for sale in South Africa, and enjoy the luxury and glamour of renowned Brazilian hair blended seamlessly thanks to the excellent construction of our closures.

    Lola Silk provides an excellent variety of closure types, giving you a number of different options using high quality constructions and beautiful hair pieces. Closures and Frontals are made to match the same type of hair as the weaves, in this case, the Classic Line. They are hand made, strand by stand and designed to look very natural and to  blend perfectly with your scalp.


    What is a Brazilian Closure?

    The Brazilan hair closures from Lola Silk is a hair piece made from high quality Brazilian hair, and is designed to blend perfectly with your hairstyle while also protecting your natural hair. As such, using a hair closure has many advantages.

    Hair closures allow you to seamlessly blend your weave without having to straighten or dye your natural hair. Using a closure you only need to style and dye your weave, adding immense health benefits to your natural hair.

    Closures are low maintenance and don’t require an elaborate hair-care process, while the high quality of our Brazilian Closures means that they will last you for a long time once installed.

    Using a closure will give you an authentic, natural-looking hairstyle that is full of volume and bounce thanks to our internationally sourced Brazilian hair that is immensely popular for its excellent condition, natural body and versatility.


    How to install a Brazilian Closure?

    To install a closure it must be secured to your natural hair so that it can blend perfectly with your hairline, head shape, and your weave. This installation process is relatively straightforward and consists of the following steps.

    First, braid your natural hair into cornrows against your scalp. Make sure that your cornrows are as flat as possible, as this will allow your closure to sit perfectly against the shape your scalp.

    Once the cornrows are complete, it is important to check the placement of your closure before you attach it.

    Place the closure against your cornrows and check the position. It’s important at this stage to determine exactly where you want to weft the closure piece so that it blends seamlessly with the rest of your weave.

    Once you’ve determined your placement, you can begin to sew the closure into the hair tracks until you have reached the surrounding lace.

    To finish, anchor the closure in position on either side of your head and sew the final parts in place. After this, you can sew in your wefts to blend the closure with the rest of your weave.


    Our Selection of Brazilian Closures and Frontals for Sale

    The Brazilian Closures from Lola Silk are made from the best quality Brazilian hair, and can be used to perfectly match the Brazilian hair bundles from our Brazilian Weaves Line.

    These expertly hand-crafted closures are made to match your scalp perfectly, and come in a great variety of styles. As such, you can choose from our selection of straight and wavy textures for a full-bodied and perfectly natural blend of hair.

    Because we understand that every woman’s style is unique as she is, we have made our closures available in three different parting options to give you more versatility in your styling choices.

    The 4x4 1 closure comes with a well-defined middle part for an elegant and distinctive look. The middle part is greatly popular with celebrities today as it causes the hair to fall dramatically around the face and down the shoulders.

    The 4x4 3 closure allows for three different partings that can be quickly and easily interchanged. If you like to change up your hairstyle regularly this is a good choice, while different hair parts provide more versatility in the range of updos and looks which you can achieve.

    The scalp closure is a specially designed piece which creates a totally free parting. The closure is crafted to perfectly match the human scalp, while the hair piece can be parted in any number of ways.

    Whichever hairstyle you prefer, the Brazilian Closures from Lola Silk give you the freedom to be confident and creative in your look, and allow you to get the most out of our beautiful Brazilian bundles.


    Frequently Asked Questions


    What is a hair closure used for?

    A hair closure is a specially designed hair piece that is attached to a flat base of cornrows and which blends your wig or weave seamlessly with your hairline or your natural hair.

    Closures come in different styles to allow for a variety of hairline parts, making it easier to achieve your desired hairstyle.

    How long does a lace closure installation last?

    After being installed, a closure installation can last for up to a month with the proper care and maintenance. After this period, you may have to retouch the areas at which they are sewn. The installation of closures that were glued instead of sewed in will last a few days.

    Closures also last well in warmer weather, as they don’t require as much glue in order to be fastened as other hair pieces.  

    How do closures work?

    Lace closures protect your natural hair while also allowing your weave to blend seamlessly. Lace closures come in a variety of styles and can be dyed to any colour to match your hair bundles, providing a great many options and the ability to create a natural looking, voluminous head of hair.

    Lace closures allow you to experiment with any number of styles and colours without damaging your natural hair.   

    What is the difference between a frontal and closure?

    A frontal is typically constructed using a strip of Lace material that runs from ear to ear and looks similar to your scalp, while a closure consists of a 4x4 patch placed in the centre of the hair piece.

    Both frontals and closures create versatility in your styling choices, as they allow you to integrate different types of hair partings to suit your face shape.

    Is a closure or frontal better?

    Both closures and frontals are great options for creating a seamless look and experimenting with different styles. Which one you choose will ultimately depend on your personal style preferences.

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