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    Peruvian and Brazilian Hair Wigs

    Brazilian and Peruvian wigs for Sale Online in South Africa


    Lola Silk brings the luxury, silkiness and versatility of the renowned Brazilian and Peruvian wig to the South African market.

    We believe that every women deserves to look and feel her best, which is why we offer the finest range of virgin hair wigs an affordable price and with the care and quality that our clientele require.

    Our virgin human hair wigs are chosen from the latest luxurious celebrity hairstyles and each one of them has its own personality.  This pure virgin hair of our wigs is the top quality of "Brazilian hair" category - silky and soft virgin hair from top to bottom which gives it a refined natural glow.

    Browse our online selection of internationally sourced Brazilian and Peruvian wigs for sale at the best prices in South Africa, and enjoy our diverse range of beautiful styles and colours.


    What is a Brazilian Wig?

    Brazilian hair is so-called to reflect the highest category of virgin hair available in the wig industry. This particular class of wig is sourced internationally and consists of 100% virgin hair, making it of the best quality available on the market.

    Brazilian hair wigs are popular for their versatility and long-lasting quality. Because the hair used in these wigs is all-natural, they can be styled and changed with the same versatility as any other virgin hair.

    Brazilian wigs can be curled, straightened, and washed, and with the proper care and maintenance will last you well over a year.

    All hair in the Brazilian category stands out for its silky lustre, incredible softness and excellent condition.

    What is a Peruvian Wig?

    Peruvian wigs have been growing immensely in popularity since 2010 for their versatility and lustrous volume, providing a multi-purpose option that allows for an incredible variety of styling possibilities.

    What sets Peruvian hair apart is the fact that it is both thick and lightweight, so that it is easily managed and maintained. Peruvian hair is often used on long, sleek styled wigs and on shorter, more edgy and contemporary styles.

    A Peruvian hair wig will give voluminous bounce to both straight and curly styles, while the high  quality of our hair means that your wig will last you throughout the seasons without being compromised by frequent wears, washes ad styling.


    How to Install a Brazilian or Peruvian Wig

    A virgin hair wig can be installed in a matter of minutes.

    Start by preparing your natural hair for the placement of the wig. Your hair should be as flat as possible so that the wig sits naturally, which can be achieved using a basic wig cap or with high quality hair spray.

    Fasten your wig using wig clips to make sure that it is secured in the right position to get the best idea of how your wig should be placed.

    If you are installing a 4x4 lace closure wig or a Frontal Lace (ear-to-ear) Wig, you will add a few additional steps to your installation process to make sure your wigs is perfectly blended with your own hairline.

    • Cut the lace using a small scissor. Make sure you cut the lace all the way around your years, trying to follow the same pattern as your own scalp to make sure you will end-up with a natural look.
    • After this, remove your wig and apply wig glue to your hairline and wait a few seconds for it to dry as per the instructions of the specific product you are using.
    • Once the glue is ready, place the wig along the glue line and press down until the glue is fully dry and your wig is secure.
    • Apply a little bit of make-up foundation to camouflage the lace if necessary and you can also style your baby hair in semi-circles if that is your preferred style.


    Our Selection of Competitively Priced Brazilian and Peruvian Wigs for Sale in South Africa

    Our Brazilian wigs are tested both by professionals in the salon industry and on our clientele to ensure that they meet the best possible standards.

    These beautiful wigs are available in a range of classic and contemporary styles sourced from the latest celebrity trends. There is a wig to suit any type of woman, from elegant straight-haired looks, to bouncy, tumbling curls; sleek, high-end bobs to editorial short-haired crops.

    Browse our incredible selection of Brazilian wigs and find the right look at the best price available, whether it be an exciting new addition to our product category or some of our bestsellers offered for sale through our online store.

    The range of Peruvian hair wigs from Lola Silk is made from a category of virgin hair that is popular for its thicker texture and which delivers a sleek and intricately styled look.

    Each Lola Silk Peruvian wig is made from remy hair, renowned for its distinctive quality and incredible shine.

    Remy hair has all cuticles aligned in the same direction. Why is this important? Great hair comes down to the excellence of its condition, and hair with strong, single-direction cuticle growth is in the best condition possible.

    A cuticle with single-directional growth will remain sleek and tangle-free, while a strong cuticle will retain the moisture of the hair strand so that your wig keeps its natural lustre and softness over time.

    This is why the excellent condition of Remy hair ensures that your wig will last you longer, especially with the proper care, and that the hair itself continues to lend an authentic glamour to your overall look, every time.

    Lola Silk’s Peruvian wigs are available at incredibly affordable prices, which you can browse under new arrivals or peruse some of our bestselling wigs for sale.


    Frequently Asked Questions


    How long does a human hair wig last?

    With the proper care and maintenance, a human hair wig is an investment that will last you a long time. Quality virgin hair wigs will last over a year when worn daily. Wigs worn occasionally can last you up to three years. To make your wig lasts longer, wash it carefully, style the hair when damp to avoid breakage, and use styling products at a low temperature.

    Why is it called virgin hair?

    Virgin hair refers to the fact that the hair which was sourced to make the wig is authentic human hair and used in its original state and that it had not been chemically processed before the wig was made. This means that virgin hair wigs are of a high quality using human hair that is in excellent condition.

    What is the difference between Peruvian hair and Brazilian hair?

    Brazilian hair is known for its silky softness and incredible shine, while its high quality makes it durable and allows it to be styled in a number of different ways. Peruvian hair is thicker and therefore has great texture for several different style ranges, while the quality of its cuticles means that it falls in a singular and natural direction from root to tip.

    Is Peruvian hair better than Brazilian?

    Both Peruvian and Brazilian hair are excellent options, and whichever one you choose will come down to your style preferences and requirements. Brazilian hair is a great option for softer, more full-bodied looks, while Peruvian hair offers great texture and blends beautifully with natural hair.

    What is remy hair?

    Remy hair is categorised by the quality and grade of the hair, consisting of fully virgin hair with the cuticles aligned in the same direction from root to tip so that it looks smooth, sleek and shiny.. This means that the hair will have minium tangling and because of that it will last longer


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