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    about us

    LUXURIOUS WIGS FOR SALE ONLINE  at the best prices in south africa

    • About LolaSilk
    • Our differentiation
    • Our selection

    LolaSilk is a specialist provider of luxurious wigs which are made from quality-sourced, silky hair to provide a distinctive and beautiful effect. 
    Our company was established by a Brazilian native, now residing in South Africa, who has gathered years of experience in the international wig industry and understands how important it is for women to be able to express themselves with authenticity and confidence. 
    That is why we work closely to ensure that all our products are made with the finest quality hair and superior synthetic fibres across our range of wigs.
    LolaSilk provides an incredible selection of wigs for sale at the best prices, so that South African women can enjoy access to the best quality wigs for a variety of different looks and styles.

    Why buy Wigs from LolaSilk

    LolaSilk understands that quality and beauty go hand-in-hand. 
    We are dedicated to ensuring that our clients feel confident and strong, and that our diverse selection of wig options allow for a variety of styles and looks to suit any type of lifestyle, whether it be in a professional setting, for a day-to-day look, or for a special evening of glamour. 
    All of our hair is quality tested and salon-approved, so that each new wig is endorsed by professionals in the hair industry. 
    Added to this, our new products undergo customer-tested trials as it is important for us to work closely with the women that rely on our products to feel their best. 

    The selection of wigs for sale from LolaSilk include some of our most popular styles and are available in both virgin and synthetic hair options. 
    Our bestselling styles as well as newer introductions to our range are all available at the best prices on the market, allowing women around South Africa to feel beautiful and confident every day. 

    Selection of the Finest Quality Wigs for Sale

    The LolaSilk selection of wigs consist of both virgin and synthetic hair options, providing a great variety of the best quality wigs in an affordable price range. 
    Our internationally sourced, virgin hair undergoes a strict usage test with both hairdressers and clientele to ensure that each wig is of the best quality. 
    For this reason, the wigs from LolaSilk are some of the best on the market for their silky lustre and incredible, natural texture. 
    We believe that every woman should be able to look and feel her best, no matter the occasion, which is why we focus on both virgin hair and premium synthetic wig ranges. 
    The Professional Line from LolaSilk consists of lustrous virgin hair wigs made exclusively from internationally sourced hair which has been classed in the Peruvian category. 
    Our Peruvian wigs are made from remy hair, which is considered the crème de la crème of options. This is because remy hair is comprised of 100% virgin hair, so that the wig can be styled, cut and maintained like natural hair. 
    Another important feature of remy hair is that the cuticles are not stripped, allowing them to move in a uniform growth direction. This means that the hair remains smooth and tangle-free, and blends seamlessly to give a natural growth effect from root to tip. 
    The selection of Brazilian wigs for sale in our Classic Collection are renowned for their thickness, flexibility and versatile styling texture. 
    As well as providing lustrous beauty and long-lasting quality, the LolaSilk Brazilian hair wigs come in a wide variety of styles, and now our South African clientele can get amazing prices on our selection of wigs for sale.
    Finally, the premium range of synthetic wigs for sale from LolaSilk are made from flexi fibres to ensure that they are heat resistant and washable. 
    Flexi fibres consist of hand-tied wigs so that the hair direction can be changed. You can style your synthetic wig by simply dampening the fibre and then blow-drying it into your desired look. 
    This means that you can style your synthetic wig in a number of different ways to bring versatility to your appearance and get the most out of your hair. 
    As with our range of virgin hair wigs for sale, the selection of synthetic wigs are available in a wide number of styles sourced from the latest trends as seen on some of our most popular and beloved celebrities. 
    Each synthetic wig is truly unique and its high quality means that your look will be authentic, stylish, and contemporary every time.



                             About hair

                                               about purchasing

    1. Where is the best place to buy wigs online?

    LolaSilk is a leading online supplier of premium quality wigs that offers a range of options and styles in both virgin hair and synthetic fibre categories. We provide a wide choice of hair colours and styles available as new arrivals and on sale, and shipping is free throughout South Africa.

    2. What kind of wig looks most natural?

    Virgin hair wigs provide the most natural look and are made using both premium Brazilian and Peruvian hair. These internationally sourced virgin hair wigs provide incredible glow and a soft, silky texture, and are styled into a wide range of popular styles.

    3. What is a good price for wigs?

    A good price range for a premium, high quality wig will vary from R700 to just over R5000. The price will depend on the length of the wig, the style, and whether it is made from virgin hair or quality synthetic fibres. 

    Lola Silk also provides regular sales on all its wigs with incredible discounts on some of our most popular styles. 

    4. How do I buy a wig for the first time?

    When purchasing your first wig it’s helpful to ask yourself the following questions to narrow down your selection process:

    • What is my budget?
    • Do I want virgin or synthetic hair?
    • What style do I prefer, and do I want a classic colour or something more daring?
    • Will I use my wig every day, or only on special occasions?

    5. What is a ready to wear wig?

    A ready to wear wig is one in which the part and style are already set. This is great option for a quick change-up to your look and for a convenient way to enhance your style in a matter of seconds.

    Before your first wear you simply need to cut a small piece from the lace in order for it to match your hairline, after which it will fit your look perfectly every time.  

    6. How long can a wig last? 

    Virgin hair wigs can last for more than 2 years with the proper care, and synthetic hair wigs can last more than 1 year with the proper care. 

    Having more than one wig will also promote the longevity of each wig as you can rotate them more often. 

    As with any product, proper use and care will ensure that you get the most out of your wig for the longest period of time. 

    7. What kind of wig is best for beginners?

    For most beginner users, ease and adaptability are important aspects as you become more used to the process of wearing a wig,

    For this reason, wigs with no lace or lace fronts are the best option for beginners as they are very easy to use and create the perfect realistic effect at the crown of your head. Lace front wigs are also lightweight and fit comfortably. 

    8. Is it okay to wear a wig every day?

    Yes, you can wear a wig every day as it will not interfere with your natural skin and hair growth. Proper scalp and hair care will also ensure that your natural hair is in the best condition, which can be done with regular washes, moisturising and scalp massages to promote your own hair growth. 

    Using heat curling irons or straighteners on your wig also means your natural hair remains protected over the long run. 

    9: What do you need to put a wig on?

    You will need a wig cap, under which you can prep and flatten your natural hair. The flatter your hair the more naturally your wig will sit on your head. 

    When wearing a lace front wig you can also opt to powder your wig cap for a natural blend. Once you’ve put your wig on you can secure it with wig glue or a heavy duty hair spray. 

    10. How long will delivery take?

    Shipping normally takes from 1 to 4 days, depending on where you live. For Gauteng it is normally 1 day.

    11. What are the shipping options?

    When you make a purchase, you can choose "free shipping" or "pick-up" at our warehouse (Kempton Park)

    12. Can I return a product?

    Yes, we have a money back guarantee for all of our products that haven't been worn, cut, unrolled (for bundles) or washed (including any perfume smell). If you want to return, please keep the tag attached to the product and we will organize collection from your address.

    13. Can I track my online order?

    A shipping notification with tracking details will be sent via email after your order has been shipped. You are always welcome to send us an WhatsApp if you need any additional informations about your order (Click "WhatsApp us" on the top of this page)

    14. How does "Buy Now. Pay Later" work?

    We have 3 options of Buy Now, Pay Later connected to our online store (Payflex, PayJustNow, Float and Mobicred) that allow you to split your payments with no interests. You can just select one of the options at check-out. After you make the payment of your first installment we ship the product to you.  Read more about it here

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