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    Brazilian Weaves for Sale Online in South Africa

    LolaSilk is a specialist provider of satiny soft and distinctive weaves produced in the renowned Brazilian hair category. This carefully sourced, expertly bound virgin hair provides the wearer with lustrous locks and beautiful body. We are known for our luxurious Brazilian weaves for sale in South Africa.

     Classic hair is a must-have. You can call it the top quality of all “Brazilian” hair category. For the Classiest of Women, this collection is made of extremely soft and silky human hair with a refined, natural glow. 


    What is a Brazilian Weave?

    The Brazilian Weave Line from LolaSilk is made from virgin Brazilian hair. Brazilian weaves are a great choice for those seeking to add volume, soft waves and incredible shine to their natural hair.

    Brazilian weaves are produced in wavy, straight or curly patterns, and the lightness of the hair texture causes it to add a gentle, buoyant effect that is deeply luxurious and beautifully feminine.

    Because of the incredible condition of the Brazilian grade hair used to make these Weaves, the hair tends to hold its style throughout the day, while also blending seamlessly with natural hair for additional eye-catching and glamorous volume.

    To be classed as Brazilian, the Weaves are sourced from 100% virgin hair that has not been previously treated.

    The great advantage of using virgin hair is that it doesn’t suffer from shedding, tangles, or a coarse appearance, and can be styled in a myriad of different ways over and over again.


    How to install a Brazilian Weave

    Installing a weave with a lace closure is a straightforward process that ensures the weave remains fixed in place.

    The closure is ventilated in lace and is designed to blend seamlessly against the scalp while providing protection to your own natural hair. Closures can be installed in different ways, whether sewed, taped or glued.

    The first important step is to place your weaves correctly. First, braid your natural hair into cornrows against your scalp. Make sure that your cornrows are as flat as possible, as this will allow your weaves to sit perfectly against the shape of your scalp

    After this step you are ready to sew in the bundles on your head. If you haven’t done it before we really recommend that you look for a professional hair stylist to help with that.

    The last step is to place the closure on the top of your head so that it fits as closely as possible to your scalp, and check that its placement is in line with the way you want your hair to fall.

    Once you’ve found the right placement, secure the closure with bobby pins and either sew, tape or glue it in place.

    Once the weave has been secured, you can check for any final adjustments and apply the finishing touch-ups. Now you can go on to style your hair to create your desired effect and get the most out of your luxurious Brazilian weave.


    Our Selection of Brazilian Weaves for Sale in South Africa

    Our line of Brazilian Weaves from Lola Silk is specially crafted with the finest quality virgin Brazilian hair sourced from high-end providers.

    The LolaSilk Brazilian Weaves impart a sense of refinement and luxury, and their wide, soft wave creates a halo of gentle, feminine volume. As such, the Brazilian Weave is a great choice for those who want glamorous body and long-lasting, manageable styles.

    At LolaSilk we are committed to bringing these luxurious weaves to every South African woman at an affordable price, which is why we provide excellent deals on all of our Brazilian weaves.

    Our Brazilian Weaves can be purchased with any of our four lace closure and frontal types at a specially discounted rate, and we regularly release our bestselling Brazilian weaves on incredible sales.

    All of these closures have been specially handcrafted to ensure that they blend perfectly with your natural hairline, and are designed to be easily customised to suit your own preferences.

    Added to this, the Brazilian Weaves can be paid as instalments so that you can easily budget for the best.

    Our competitive prices don’t mean that we pass on quality, and we ensure that our Brazilian Weaves are of the best standard available on the South Africa market.

    Each weave is crafted from 100% pure virgin hair which has been closely checked for cuticles that are intact and of the best condition. Our Brazilian Weaves are graded at a minimum of 10A with a 150% density, and crafted by experts in the industry.

    This wonderfully healthy hair provides added elasticity for styles that hold in any season, and all of our products have been approved by hairdressers and industry professionals with years of experience in using weaves – all so that you can look your best every time you step outside.


    Frequently Asked Questions


    How long does a Brazilian weave last?

    With the proper care, a Brazilian weave can last you from 12 to 24 months, making it a durable and long-lasting beauty investment. The lustrous and luxurious effect is easy to maintain with the correct hair care procedure, as the high quality of Brazilian hair makes it a low maintenance option.

    How do I maintain my Brazilian weave?

    Brush your weave twice a day using slow and gentle brushstrokes, and wash your weave at least once a month if you are wearing it regularly. Detangle your weave with a wide-toothed comb before washing it, and use conditioning serums to promote the hair’s natural lustre.

    Be sure to air dry your weave, and when styling with heat tools invest in deep conditioning treatments once a month.

    Why is it called Brazilian hair?

    Brazilian hair is a category used to determine hair of a distinctive and luxurious quality. Brazilian hair is made from 100% untreated virgin human hair, so that the hair is in the highest possible condition at the time when the wig is manufactured.

    This silky condition ensures the wearer durable, soft and versatile wefts that blend seamlessly with natural hair.

    Is Brazilian hair good quality?

    Yes, Brazilian hair is renowned as being of the best quality hair available on the market. The excellent condition of Brazilian hair means it can withstand humid conditions, and its durable, thick and silky texture lends itself to a great variety of hairstyles. The high density of Brazilian hair allows it to hold its style for longer.

    Is Brazilian the best weave?

    While Brazilian weaves are highly sought after as some of the finest quality on the market, the best weave is ultimately a personal choice that will depend on your particular style preferences.

    Brazilian weaves are a great choice for those seeking added lustre and shine, while its tendency to curl or wave introduces feminine volume to your natural hair.


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