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    Synthetic Weaves

    Synthetic Weaves for Sale Online in South Africa

    LolaSilk is a leading provider of high quality and affordable synthetic weaves for sale in South Africa. Our selection of beautifully silky and lustrously thick weaves come in 3 bundles of 22”+20”+18” plus closure and 4 options of colours to instantly add volume and shine to your own hair.


    What is a synthetic weave?

    A synthetic weave is an affordable, versatile and durable alternative to virgin hair weaves which adds incredible volume and texture to your hair.

    Weaves are a longer-use type of extension which can be added to your natural hair to accentuate your style and add life and glamour to your crowning glory.

    Hair weaves consist of lustrous wefts which are either sewn or braided into your own hair, and can remain in place for several weeks if so desired.

    Once in place, the weave can be styled along with your natural hair depending on the look you want on that particular day or week. Weaves can be styled into full-bodied, bouncy curls, straightened into a sleek and eye-catching long-haired style, or pulled back into an elegant and voluminous bun.

    Synthetic weaves can be washed and re-used, allowing you to change up your look as often as you desire, while the selection of colour tones gives an enhanced effect to your natural skin and to the range of styling possibilities available to you.


    How to install a synthetic weave?

    The synthetic weaves from LolaSilk come with free closures for a quick and easy installation.

    To start, prepare your natural hair by washing and conditioning it, and then braiding it into corn rows so that it is as flat as possible against your head. This will allow for a more natural placement when installing the closure.

    After you are happy with it, start sewing in your weaves until almost the top. You will complete the installation after placing the closure.

    Place the hair piece at the top of your head to get an idea of how you would like the weft to fall. Once you have determined the placement, you can begin sewing in the hair tracks until the surrounding lace of the closure has been reached.

    Following this, place the closure on your head and sew it into place. You can then add in weft track layers to fill out the gap between the closure and the extensions.


    Our Selection of Synthetic Weaves for Sale in South Africa

    As part of our Essential line, the synthetic weaves from LolaSilk or crafted using flexi fibre technology which makes them heat-resistant, washable, and easy to style.

    These high quality synthetic fibres perfectly match natural human hair in terms of texture and feel, and their soft and silky touch add incredible lustre and volume.

    The fibres on these synthetic wigs mimic the natural sheen of human hair so that the effect is of an authentic gloss without being too shiny, while never being dull.

    The synthetic weaves in the LolaSilk Essential Line are affordable and versatile, with many of our bestsellers available for sale online.

    The versatility of their use and their quality and durability mean that you can style them in any way many times over, providing you with an investment that will become an essential part of your beauty regimen for a long time.

    With the proper care, the LolaSilk synthetic weaves can last for more than a year, while the inbuilt textured pattern memory will cause the weave to return to its original straight texture after every wash. This makes re-styling your weave incredibly easy and hassle-free.

    With years of experience in the international weave industry, we have taken special care to source the best suppliers for all of our products.

    Each weave is intricately made by craftsmen with extensive experience in their trade, who employ the technique of double-stitched wefts to prevent unnecessary tangling or shredding.

    With our commitment to catering to a wide array of women, we have ensured that our diverse selection of colour tones allows you to have complete control over your own look and style and reflect your own unique beauty in just the way that you would like to.

    All of our synthetic weaves have been approved by qualified South African hairdressers and salon experts, so that we can offer you guaranteed quality with every product.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a synthetic weave made of?

    Synthetic weaves give versatility and a special glamour to your look.

    The synthetic weaves from LolaSilk are made from high quality flexi fibres that are specially designed to be long-lasting, washable and heat-resistant. This flexi fibre technology creates a wonderfully natural effect and allows for you to style your weave in a variety of different ways.

    How long does a synthetic weave last?

    Synthetic weaves can last you between 4 to 6 months with the proper care. Maintaining your synthetic weave is an easy process and will ensure you get the most out of your hair. Having more than one weave will also allow you to rotate your pieces and give an added lifespan to each.

    Can you wash synthetic weaves?

    Yes, you can wash synthetic weaves, especially since the weaves from LolaSilk are made from durable flexi fibres.

    When washing your weave, always comb out any tangles first, and wash it in lukewarm water to protect the hair strands from damage. Handle the weave delicately and allow to air dry before styling.

    How do you maintain a synthetic weave?

    In order to maintain your synthetic weave, you should wash it with a mild, specially formulated shampoo and conditioner in lukewarm water. Use a wide-tooth comb when brushing out any tangles, and condition the hair with detangling products in clean water.

    Gently squeeze out all excess water before allowing to air dry, and use any curlers or straighteners on the cool setting.

    What are the advantages of synthetic hair?

    Synthetic hair has some distinct advantages. These include their long-lasting style memory, their durable rich colour tones, and the excellent quality of flexi fibre synthetic weaves which create a great match to natural, lustrous, and silky hair.

    Synthetic weaves are also more affordable and easy to use, making them a greate choice for beginners.


    You might also be interested in our popular Brazilian wigs for sale and synthetics wig collectionsOur synthetic weaves are made with flexi fibers, a special type of synthetic hair that is washable and heat-resistant. This means that you can style your synthetic hair with a straightener, curling iron or hairdryer and make it look new again and again and again.

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