Why LolaSilk is so different from other brands?


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    Why LolaSilk is so different from other brands?

    Why LolaSilk is so different from other brands?

    We get asked this question very often, normally from new clients that never interacted with us before. There are so many things about LolaSilk that is different from other brands that we had to write this blog post to list the most important ones.


    Before we start with our list, if you are new to LolaSilk, it is important to mention that we are an online store and our warehouse is based in Kempton Park (Gauteng), so everything gets shipped from inside South Africa. This, by itself, is a major benefit to our clients, because there is no additional importing fees to any of our orders, you know that delivery will be much faster and that in case of a return, we can handle it without any stress.


    Now let’s continue with our list of what makes LolaSilk so different from other hair brands:


    • Memorable styles: our wigs have a perfect cut, unique style and silky texture to make you look sophisticated. Say goodbye to cheap looking weaves that only put you down. Let people stare at you for the right reasons. 

    LolaSilk has memorable hairstyles 

    • You receive what you see on our store: we see many hair brands advertising a much better quality of hair but delivering a poorer version. At LolaSilk this just doesn’t exist. We take our own photos with real products that we have in stock and we don’t try to fake it. It is what you see and you will be able to replicate the same look at your house.


    • Attention to detail: LolaSilk wigs are built with attention to detail to make sure your hair looks on point, extremely natural, sophisticated and perfectly installed.  Our wigs are precisely cut, pre-plucked and glueless so you can put them on and be ready to shine.


    LolaSilk features


    • More comfort to your head - there is nothing worse than a wig that doesn't sit comfortably on your head. Comfort and fit are as important as having the perfect style. If you will be wearing your wig for extended periods of time, you need it to be breathable so it can dissipate heat while preventing itching. 


    LolaSilk Caps


    • Glueless and ready-to-wear: all LolaSilk wigs can be installed without glue. They come pre-plucked and pre-styled, so you don't have to worry if you will be able to achieve the same look as you see on our models. You will find it easy and uncomplicated to achieve the hairstyle of your dreams. 


    LolaSilk différentiation 


    • Easy care and longer life: we want you to have a hairstyle that will last you a long time without you having to spend crazy amounts of time caring for it. That is why our wigs go through a natural treatment process to make sure they arrive at your house in their healthiest state. By doing this, LolaSilk wigs will continue to look amazing for much longer.


     LolaSilk quality


    Hair care is an important part in keeping your hair looking great for longer. If you need some tips on how to do it, please visit our hair care page.

    If you prefer to use any sort of glue / adhesive / melting spray for installation, be assured that LolaSilk lace wigs can endure the process. 


    • Secure fitting: all LolaSilk wigs are adjustable so you can feel secure that it won't move out of place. 


    • Buy Now. Pay Later: LolaSilk is the only hair brand that offers 4 options of “Buy Now” pay later connected to our online store (PayFlex, Happy Pay, PayJustNow and Mobicred). You can choose any option as your preferred payment method at our check-out. You will be able to split your payments into zero-interest installments. As soon as you confirm your installment plan, we ship your order to you! Here is a link where you can read more about it: https://www.lolasilk.co.za/pages/buy-now-pay-later


    • Fastest Shipping: Because our warehouse is in Gauteng and we are a dedicated online shop, we have streamlined all our process to dispatch all orders withing the same day. Shipping can take up to 4 days, but to Gauteng, orders will take 1-2 days to be delivered and 2-3 days in big cities across the country.


    • Hassle-free returns: We definitely don't want you to have something that you don't love, so if for any reason you are not satisfied when you receive your order, you are welcome to return it. You will be offered the change to exchange for something different or to be issued with a refund.

    Just keep the tag/sticker attached and the product in its original conditions and contact us. We will take care of everything. Read our full return policy by clicking here.


    If you are a new client thinking about ordering from us, we really hope we answered all your doubts and concerns. In case you still have questions or feel like chatting about any specific point, please contact us by WhatsApp of email and we will be happy to assist you.

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