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    Best Ways to Store your Wigs

    Best Online Guide to Store your Wigs Properly


    If you are a wig lover like us, chances are good that you have a collection of wigs, which means that most of the time your wigs will be stored at your house waiting to be used. We all have our favourite wigs that end up being used much more often than others, that is why it is important that we know how to store wigs properly so they can continue to look great next time we decide to take them out with us.

    Before storing your wigs, make sure they are clean. If not, dedicate the time to properly wash, moisturize, treat and style your wigs before putting them inside your closet. Give your wig enough time to air dry before storing them or your wig may develop mold or mildew if it contains any moisture. You might want to take advantage of the fact that all LolaSilk products, including human and synthetic wigs, can be dried using a blow dryer.

    wig storage

    The best way to store your wigs is obviously placing it on a mannequin head and away from direct sunlight. This type of storage will preserve the shape of the cap and keep the hair in place and ready to be worn again whenever you want. But, depending on how many wigs you have, this type of storage can take up too much space on your room or closet and buying too many mannequin heads can be quite expensive, thus chances are high that you will need to use different types of storage.

    If you have a good amount of space for your wig collection, but don’t want to invest too much on mannequin heads, a good alternative is to get a wig stand. You can find really cheap options sold online or in-store. There are many types of wig-stands out there in the market.

    wig stand

    Try to find something that has a good support for your wig cap and that can resemble a head shape, just similar as possible to a mannequin head.

    You will also find wig-stands that are foldable or even flattened, making it a perfect portable option, especially when you are traveling.

    Some of our clients also like to keep their wigs inside the original LolaSilk boxes or similar boxes. This storage option keeps the hair protected from dust, pollution and sun exposure and it is recommended when you are planning to store the wig for longer periods of time. Another benefit of boxes is that you can pile them up and save a lot of space inside your closet.

    LolaSilk boxes

    The best way to store your wig inside a box is by brushing out any knots, folding it in its natural parting and covering it with a hairnet. It is also recommended to use a cardboard around the lace area and tissue paper inside the cap to keep their original shape.

    Another option, especially if you don’t have a lot of space, is to use a silk or satin bag. These bags are excellent for protecting your wig from frizz or even tangle, by keeping it soft and silky and away from moisture. Sating bags also serve as an excellent alternative for wig travel.

    Wig hangers are also a good storage option for someone with limited space and a collection of wigs. The best part about wig hangers is that they can be tucked away inside your closet, making all the mess disappear. These hangers can also handle wig bands, hats, caps, and scarves which makes it very handy to organize other items in your wardrobe. Some of them comes with a plastic bag around that will keep your wigs protected from pollution, dust and moisture and are very useful when you are travelling.


    Wigs organized by hangers

    When it comes to storage, there is no significant difference between wigs made of human or synthetic hair - the same procedures apply to both and you should pay the same amount of attention when storing them. If you have different options of storage available, just  remember that synthetic hair wigs are not affected by moisture but human hair wigs are, so try to choose the best option for each type of hair.

    Storage is vital for wig upkeep, much like washing and conditioning. By properly storing wigs, you ensure that they are kept in the best possible condition for as long as possible. It will also make your life so much easier when you are ready to switch styles knowing that your next wig will be ready to wear and there will be no negative surprises.

    No matter which storage alternatives you pick, store your wig securely! If you have any specific questions about wig storage options, please do not hesitate to contact us by email ( or WhatsApp: +27 83 795 3366. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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