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    How to Choose the Best Hairstylist for your Wig or Weaves Installations

    Choosing the right hairstylist for your wigs or weaves


    Are you looking for a hairstylist that can take your wig or weaves installation to the next level? Or maybe you are a first-time lace wig buyer wanting to test how would you look with professional wig installs? Then, this blog post on how to choose the best hairstylist for your wig or weaves installation is exactly what you need.


    There are many things you can check before booking your appointment with a new hairstylist that will minimize the risk of you regretting the money spent. Let’s talk about each one of them:


    • Credentials – it is important to understand if the hairstylist has any type of certificate on wig customization and hair installations. Some of the chemicals and techniques used to customize and install a wig can damage the lace and the hair in a way that you might end-up losing you wig.  If the hairstylist doesn’t have any concrete credentials, maybe you can ask for some photos or videos of her past work from other clients. It is also a good sign when the hairstylist has a social media page with photos and videos showcasing her/his work.


    When analyzing the material, pay attention to the details, zoom in the photos to check for any patches of missing hair on the lace or evidences of over customization. If the hairstylist plucks or bleaches too much, the hair will become prone to breakage and your hairline will look too thin too soon.


    Bad example of wig customizationExpertise on what you value – do you know what you consider a good wig install? This is really important when judging the work of a new hairstylist. Go through options of installations that you can find on social media and take notes of what kind of baby hair do you like; how much realistic you want your hairline to look and how do you like your hair to look after styling it. Then compare to the photos and videos you can find from the new hairstylist you are trying to analyze. Does it feel he or she can deliver your expectations? If yes, save the photos that called your attention and use as reference on the day of your wig installation


    Example of good wig installation
    Example of a good installation of our LolaSilk Brazilian Afro Hair 14inch full frontal lace wig and our velvet headband wig.
    Customer care service – don’t forget to check if the hairstylist offers any sort of warranty for the service provided. Some amazing professionals offer touch-up services or even ask you to return in case you are not happy with their services. Wig customizations and installations are not always cheap, so it is important to feel that you have an open channel with the hairstylist to make sure you get exactly what you envisioned for your hair.


    What if you found many hairstylists with similar skills, expertise and credentials and now you can’t decide which one to choose? In this specific case, there are other criteria that can help you to decide. Let’s talk about them:


    • Price transparency – ask for a price list upfront and avoid at all costs to book an appointment without understanding how much the wig or weave installation will cost you. Not having a price list should sound like a warning alert to you that the hairstylist might not be as professional as you were expecting. Some of them also charge a lot more for an installation when you bring your own hair instead of buying from them. Pay attention to this type of scams and prefer professionals that charge you for their time and skills independently of where the hair is coming from.


    • Bookings – I don’t know about you, but in this day and age not having a booking system means that the hairstylist is not very organized. You can still go ahead and opt for a walk in but be ready to wait or to get frustrated with something that should be a pleasant and enjoyable moment.


    • Location – this criterion is also very connected to the previous topic. It is better to choose a hairstylist that is a little bit further from your place but that will see on time versus one that is close but might cost you an entire day of waiting.


    • Cordiality – there is nothing worse than creating an expectation of an amazing experience just to find out that the hairstylist is in a bad mood or even a little bit un-polite. Having your wig or weaves installed should be fun and bring you lots of great feelings. Next time you go to a hairstylist ask yourself “how does this person makes me feel?” and listen to your instincts. There are plenty of talented professionals out there that are also great with connecting with people in the right way.


    Now that you know how will you find your next amazing hairstylist, all you need is a new wig or weaves to go for your installation appointment. LolaSilk offers new arrivals and wigs on sale to make sure you will achieve the look of your dream! Have  a look and have fun. 

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