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    How to create celebrity hairstyles at home

    Celebrity inspired hairstyles and how to create the look at home


    With so many quirky and fantastic haircuts being donned by celebrities these days, keeping up with them can be tough, if not impossible.


    There is no doubt that a nice human hair wig is a must-have accessory for anyone who follows fashion influencers on Instagram, keeps tabs on the Kardashians, Katy Perry, and Nicki Minaj, or is inspired by the looks you see on shows like RuPaul's Drag Race.


    One of the problems with trying to imitate your favourite fashion heroes is that they tend to change their appearances rather frequently. Donning different wigs allow them to be easy on their own hair and still sport a variety of glamorous styles out there.


    Wigs are a great option to change your appearance quickly and easily. Investing in high-end modern luxury wigs is becoming increasingly popular, thanks in part to the influence of celebrities.


    We have put together a few celebrity hairstyles that you may want to try at home.



    Kylie Jenner


    Kylie is the queen of wigs. In the fashion world, she is known for her edgy looks. Her ability to style her hair in so many different ways has little to do with her natural hair and everything to do with the high-quality wigs she's purchased.


    A wig can help you achieve her infamous MET Gala platinum blonde bob or her long Coachella sunrise orange hair. Some of her more accessible looks, such as the dark, wavy lob or the long, straightened extensions with a centre part, also are available as wigs.


    Our Brazilian Ombre wig with its luxurious caramel colour can make you feel as glamorous and stylish as Kylie Jenner any day. When you wear this 18inch long Brazilian hair wig, you'll be the centre of attention because of its ombré tint, which falls somewhere between brunette and blond hair colours. For those who desire more control over the look of their hairline, frontal lace wigs are an excellent option.




    To keep sane during lockdown, Zendaya put on a show for her assistant every day by putting on different wigs from het vast wig collection as she stepped into various characters for these mini shows. Zendaya has pulled off many looks from long to short, curly to straight.


    The Lola Silk Brazilian hair loose deep 18 inch 4x4 closure lace wig in natural black combines a loose and a deep wave to form a distinct texture as well as a uniform and contemporary wave pattern. If you spray a little water on this unique curly texture, it will activate the curls and transform this lovely Brazilian hair wig into a loose wave texture. If you enjoy creating your version of a favourite Zendaya look, this wig is ideal for you.


    Cardi B


    Long, straight blonde hair, a minty green bob, and simple-yet-elegant long black pressed locks are some of Cardi B's best looks. A handful of her more natural pieces, or even her purple platinum or pink lady pieces for a splash of colour, can liven up your wardrobe.


    Our Blond Bob T-wig has golden 613 colour synthetic straight hair straight and is 10 inches long. It has a silky smooth feel. To provide a seamless transition to any scalp, the front and middle sections of the hair are hand-made lace. This hairstyle is one of the most current trends in hairstyles and is ideal for both a casual and a nighttime look. 


    Lady Gaga


    There is no doubt that Lady Gaga's hairstyles are some of the best in the business. Even when it comes to her hair and wigs, she never fails to make a statement with her unconventional and daring choices. She prefers classic splendour to contemporary designs.


    The Lola Silk Brazilian hair body wave full frontal wig in natural black is a classic choice for a red carpet Lady Gaga look. With its natural body way texture in an 18inch hairstyle, this frontal wig is extremely easy to maintain. By hand-tying the strands of hair together, a natural looking hairline can be replicated.



    Solange Knowles


    If there was ever a star of the Afro look, it would have to be Solange because she looked amazing on her wedding day with a wonderful kinky fro. Most celebs, like Solange, are comfortable with their natural hairstyles, and she's no exception. Solange's afro-inspired looks are a celebration of her naturally curly hair. With a variety of different lengths and styling options, she makes this hairdo look like a must-have for everyone.


    Our Peruvian Hair wig afro curl 14 inch wig in natural black is made from pure virgin hair and top Peruvian grade. This is a powerful style that should never be stifled in any way. The more opulent and enthralling it becomes, the more people will be drawn to it. The hair is incredibly silky to the touch and incredibly manageable when it comes to styling. Your appearance will be flawless every time.

    Be sure to read our blog on how to heat style wigs at home and browse our Brazilian wigs for sale.

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