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    What your hairstyle says about your personality

    What your hairstyle reveals about your personality


    The hairstyle you choose can reveal a lot about your personality, regardless of how long or short, dark or light your hair is. Your hair tells the world a lot about who you are. Some people change their hairstyles on a frequent basis, while others have the same haircut for the rest of their lives. The way you style your hair is a reflection of who you are to the rest of the world. So what does your hairstyle say about you?


    Parting your hair: left, right or in the middle?


    • To the right:Women that are creative and feminine prefer to separate their hair to the right. They think of themselves as fun-loving and loyal. 
    • To the left: Parting their hair to the left accentuates a masculine demeanour in men and women. Your thinking is logical, analytical, linear, well-organised and confident. Hillary Clinton and Margaret Thatcher are two well-known women who parted their hair to the left.
    • In the middle: If your hair is parted in the centre or not at all, people will perceive you as fair, smart, and trustworthy. Gwenyth Paltrow and Sean Connery are two well-known celebrities that fall in this category.


    Long natural curls


    Instead of feeling anxious or overwhelmed, you're grounded and aware of the people and things around you. People are drawn to your contagious optimism because you maintain a calm and collected demeanour while serving as the life of a party. The way you see your hair is as an extension of your inner self and an emotional connection to it. You have self-assuredness and gentleness in your leadership, but you don't put up with bumbling fools.



    Medium length bob


    People can depend on you to keep your promises, so you're a reliable companion who is honest and upfront, even when others don't want to hear it. You can irritate the people you care about if they think you're arrogant or domineering. You have a reputation for getting things done before the sun comes up since you are an early riser. When it comes to getting your friends together for excursions and social events, you are the go-to organiser and party planner.


    Red headed fiery


    Whether you have naturally red hair or colour it, you're likely to be a high-energy person. Using your hair as a way to express yourself and to show off your sense of humour and fun-loving personality. You're always the one to lighten things up and keep things cheerful. You appear to lose interest in a relationship after a while, despite how much you like the honeymoon period. It's also possible that you will be apprehensive about rejection and shyness.


    Black beauty


    When it comes to communicating, you're someone who takes their time. When you speak, people can tell that your ideas and opinions are well-formed. In comparison to blondes and brunettes, black haired women are seen as more feminine, attractive, clever, joyful, self-assured, and trustworthy. Whether you're talking to friends or total strangers, you always maintain an air of sophistication and poise. You value your family and best friends. Credibility is one of your strongest assets.


    Shakira waves


    Innovators and creatives have wavy hair that is thick, shiny, and full-bodied. It's also common for them to have tremendous energy, a strong will to succeed, and a deep emotional need for a deep, intense connection. In certain cases, they find it difficult to open up about their feelings and become reticent. Being monogamous may be difficult for them as well, since they place a high value on independence. If you have fine, wavy hair, it indicates that you need to conserve your energy but are still creative.


    High ponytail


    With your hair pulled back in a high ponytail, you convey an air of exuberance and athleticism. You make a room feel alive. You're a problem solver who enjoys encouraging others to be more physically active and healthy.  You prefer to get right to the point by stating exactly what you need and how you want it done. You're a great person to work with because you're honest and vibrant. Maintaining focus on the things and people that is actually important to you keeps you going.


    Daring and short


    You're not afraid to stand out. You're usually hip and self-assured. In the workplace, your short hair conveys a sense of professionalism, which encourages others to get to know you. Don't be afraid to keep your hair short if that's what makes you happy. Embrace your individuality and don't hold back. If someone says you're not a team player, don't take it personally. It's because you're more creative than most people, and that's what makes you so unique.


    The blunt cut

    Blunt hairstyles imply that you are direct and to the point. You're forthright in your approach to life. You'd succeed in a career as a physician or chemist.

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