5 Things you probably didn’t know about the LolaSilk brand


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    5 Things you probably didn’t know about LolaSilk

    If you are reading this blog, probably you have heard about LolaSilk, but maybe you don’t know us so well yet, which is normal, considering that we are still a young brand. When you read the “about us” session of our online store, you will see a little bit of our story but there is so much more about what we do and how we work behind the scenes that you probably don’t know yet.


    LolaSilk has been growing a lot for the past 2 years. We couldn’t be happier and we thought that a good idea would be to share with you what we believe is the secret to this success. Below you will find a list with the top 5 things to know about us and that sets LolaSilk apart from other hair brands.


    5 LolaSilk Facts 


    1- We are obsessed about new trendy styles – I guess all businesses dedicate time in building their innovation plan for the year, but what makes LolaSilk unique is the fact that we never stop doing that. It is part of our daily life to constantly research what is going on in terms of hair trends around the world and translating these trends into new product launches. We crave for new news constantly and that is why we normally lanch one new wig or hair extensions every week. We are not joking when we say we have weekly trendy launches. There is always something new going on and that is one of the main reasons our clients keep coming back for more.


    2- We test everything before we launch – this is an important part of our innovation process. Every time we have a new product to launch, we recruit people to give us their opinions and impressions. Most of the time we run also a usage test to make sure what we will be selling to our clients has quality, good fit, comfort and will last a long time. We have no problem in cancelling or delaying a product launch until we are completely convinced that we are adding another amazing product to our portfolio.


    3- We don’t hire models, we recruit ambassadors to test in real life our products – we believe that the best way to tell the story of our wigs and weaves is through the eyes of real people. Every 3 months we launch a new campaign in search for the new faces of LolaSilk and everyone is welcome to apply. When selected, the new face os LolaSilk receive one our new launches and participate on a photoshoot with us so we can collect the photos and materials for the new product launch. From that moment on they became our ambassadors and preparing content using their own view of the unit that they took home. We fell this creates a much more authentic view of LolaSilk because we are not controlling how the product will be presented on social media. It is real life experience and our clients appreciate the transparency on our social media channels. Check here our Instagram page so you can understand exactly what it means.


    4- We shoot the products ourselves and they are exactly what you see on the website – Have you ever bought hair online and found out later when it got delivered the it seems very different from the one you saw on the pictures? We try our best to minimize this risk here at LolaSilk. The product that you see on the picture at our online store is exactly the one you will receive at your house. We organize the photoshoots ourselves and we never use image banks or ready-to-use images from our suppliers. By doing this our clients can have a better view of the product and have the right expectations which makes them trust us even more. This is another non-negotiable aspect of our culture at LolaSilk.


    5- We were born in South Africa and we are proud of it – many of our clients told us that they bought hair online just to find out that the company was based in China. This added a lot of time and costs to the process because they had to wait a much longer time to get the product and most of them had to pay extra import duties to the government to be able to receive their products in South Africa. Here at LolaSilk we try to make the buying process as simple, fast and smooth as possible to our clients. We were born in South Africa and this is our main market. We import the product ourselves way before you place your order so we make sure that whatever we are selling we have the stock in our warehouse. As soon as you complete you purchase we immediately ship your order which can take up to 4 days to arrive. The exact time of arrival depends on where you live. If you are in Gauteng, you will receive your order within 1 to 2 days.


    Now you have learned a bit more about LolaSilk and some of the things that makes us unique. We are looking forward to build a long term relationship with you and all our clients.


    If you have any questions about about us or any of our internal policies and procedures, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear your opinions and suggestions.

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