LolaSilk’s Favourite Wigs for a Beach Holiday (Online Guide)


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    LolaSilk’s favourite wigs for a beach holiday

    We all want to look glamorous at the beach and our hair is an important part of it. Wearing wigs at the beach is totally possible. You just need to make the right choices for when the sun is pumping or when the wind is blowing and also when you feel like taking a dip into the ocean.

    It is possible to enjoy a great holiday at the beach with your wig, but there is a little bit of planning involved upfront. Before you start packing, it is important that you have with you the wigs that you will wear on the beach and after the beach. We selected the best LolaSilk wigs for your next summer vacations.

    You will notice that the majority of the options are from our premium synthetic line. Synthetic wigs are the ideal beach wigs owing to their ability to preserve their style. Even though humidity and water have an impact on all wigs, synthetic wigs are far more resistant to beach conditions.


    Let’s jump into our list of the Best beach holiday wigs:


    • Sweet as pie synthetic wig
      Sweet as pie
      . This wig is a 18inch synthetic hair wig in natural Black colour with a beautiful middle part line. This is a classic style that will blend perfectly well with any additional accessories that you might wear at the beach, like hats, caps, sunglasses, and others. The fact that it does not have a lot of lace means that you won’t have to worry if your wig will be secure or not on your head and you definitely won’t need to use any type of glue with it.



    • Deadly queen synthetic wig
      Deadly queen
      – this wig is perfect If you are a fan of longer hair. It is a 26inch synthetic wig with a glueless 4x4 lace closure. It is made with a very silky fiber and therefore it doesn’t tangle as much as other synthetic hair wigs. If you are going to a beach where there might be a lot of wind, tangling can be something to consider when deciding which wig to wear. On a really windy day, you can also make a plaited low ponytail that will look cute under your hat and will keep you wig from tangling too much.

    • CEO Vibes synthetic wig
      CEO Vibes
      – this cute wig has a pixie style at the back and is a little bit longer on the front part. Super stylish and very fresh for hot summer days. This colour is also a trend for the next summer season. No matter how much the wind is blowing on your head, this wig will always look neat and beautiful.



    • The show must go on Peruvian hair wig
      The show must go on
      – this beautiful Peruvian pixie wig not only Is short, but also doesn’t have anything that will be falling on your face if there is wind or if you like to be out and about around the beach., Pixes are also a good option if you are planning to go for a swim in the ocean, because you can easily touch up the style using your hands and it won’t look funny after it dries out.



    • wigs
      Cocktail in Copacabana
      – this style has also the same benefits as mentioned before: great quality synthetic hair, short, fresh and glueless, but what makes us love this wig for the beach is the style of the hair. It has this natural beach wave style that just fits perfectly well with the coastline, don’t you agree?




    • On Fire Peruvian Hair wig
      One Fire
      –The colours of this wig makes us think about a lovely summer day where the sun is kissing our hair. Although it is a Peruvian hair, the style of curls is so similar to a beach wave look, that it will blend perfectly well with the atmosphere and any weather conditions.



    If you are getting excited about rocking your wigs at the beach this summer, we wanted to list 3 important tips for you:


    • Just remember that wigs need extra care if they are exposed to the sun, wind and sea water. The most important thing is to wash your wig every time you expose your hair to the ocean or pool with shampoo and conditioner. Spray your wig with a leave-in conditioner after washing it. Leave-in conditioning sprays lock in moisture while shielding your wig. It is also important to apply a hair mascara at least once a week to keep your hair moisturized and healthy.


    • Another important tip we have for you is to avoid swimming with your favourite wig. Both chlorine and sea salt can cause your wig to dry out, making the hair strands frizzy, and damage the wig cap. Keep your favourite ones for cocktails and dinners after the beach.


    • Wear a hat, as much as you can. It will not only protect your hair from the sun, but it will also protect your skin, which is even more important.


    Have you thought which wig will you rock on the beach this summer? Stay tuned because LolaSilk is launching new trendy wigs each week that might be the one that you were waiting for. Check here our new arrivals so far. Enjoy your beach time!

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