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    Human Hair vs Synthetic Hair Wigs (Pros & Cons)

    We all have seen synthetic and human hair wigs, but do you really know the advantages and disadvantages of synthetic vs human hair wigs?

    If you believe that Brazilian hair wigs have only advantages over synthetic wigs, we strongly encourage you to read our list below, and perhaps you will have a new perspective on these two types of hair.

    Six primary distinctions between synthetic and brazilian hair wigs:


    • Example of synthetic and human hair wigs
      Natural look & feel: most of us think about synthetic hair as fake, plastic and shiny, but this type of hair has improved so much over the years that there isn't much of a distinction in terms of "realistic appearance" between the top-quality synthetic wigs on the market and Brazilian hair wigs today. We believe that synthetic hair will continue to evolve until a point that we won’t be able to differentiate between synthetic and human hair wigs.


    • Maintenance: human hair wigs demand more maintenance than synthetic wigs. If you take the time to properly wash, condition, and moisturize your Brazilian hair, it will last longer than any synthetic hair wigs, but if “maintenance” is not your favourite game, you might consider choosing a premium synthetic wig that is heat-resistant, which means you may wash and style the hair without the fear of damaging it, and you won't have to spend extra money on oils, mascaras, heat-protection lotions, or leave-in conditioners to keep it moisturized.


    • Tangling: this is where human hair wig is superior versus synthetic wigs. Not matter what, synthetic hair will tangle more than human hair and let's all agree that tangling is annoying. If you a fan of synthetic hair, keep a wide tooth comb inside your bag and brush your wig 2 to 3 times during the day. It will help to keep your synthetic hair looking great the entire day and will save you a lot of time.


    • Volume: Synthetic wigs are fuller, and this is because the cost of the hair as a raw material is much lower, allowing companies to add a lot more of it. This is also why we sometimes believe synthetic wigs shed more than real hair wigs - it's because they have so much more hair. Have you ever noticed that certain Brazilian hair wigs appear to have very little hair, particularly at the tips? This is due to the fact that the longer the strands of human hair, the more costly the wig will be. As a result, Brazilian hair wigs are thicker on top but not as full at the ends. This is not a concern with synthetic hair. The hair is full from top to bottom and even if you have to spend a little bit more time combing it, it will still look fuller.


    • Colour: nothing beats synthetic hair when it comes to colour. Humam hair can be dyed to any color that you like, which is a big plus versus synthetic hair, but the outcome will depend on the quality of the hair that you buy. Remy hair wigs, where the strands of hair are aligned in the same direction, are the easiest ones to dye, but they are also the most expensive ones. Synthetic hair doesn’t have this problem and the colour will always be perfect, but you won’t be able to change the colour of the hair later on. Considering all the pros and cons, it might be difficult to pick a hair type that is the clear winner when it comes to colour.


    • Price: It is true that synthetic wigs are usually less expensive when compared to a similar style in Brazilian hair, but for the most modern synthetic hair, this gap may not be as large as it was in the past, making it a more difficult option for someone who is unsure what to select.


    In conclusion, Human Hair Wigs will still offer you a very realistic look and will last longer than synthetic ones, but only if you are ready to invest the time required to maintain it. The top-quality synthetic wigs last far longer than prior models, are fuller and more accessible, and the distinctions in look and feel are becoming increasingly minor.

     There is a stigma about synthetic hair that is still very hard to overcome. Many people would not even consider synthetic hair just because they think they are not comparable in terms of quality. Here at LolaSilk we sell both types of hair and we notice that a lot of people still feel surprised when they try on our premium synthetic wigs for the first time. Sometimes they just can’t believe that the hair is synthetic.

    Next time you're out shopping for a new wig, compare both possibilities using the six points listed above. The outcomes may surprise you.

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