How To Get Your New Hair Now and Pay Later with LolaSilk


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    How can you get your new hair now and pay later.

    Have you ever felt that you desperately need a new wig but you couldn’t afford to pay for it in full at that specific moment? It is a very common issue and that is why we wanted to tell you more about our “Buy Now. Pay later” payment options.

    We have been receiving a lot of questions from our clients that are very interested to purchase our selection of wigs and weaves but they don’t know how to “Buy now and Pay Later”. This type of payment method is becoming very popular and many people are loving the idea of getting their wigs or weaves today while having more time to complete their payments.

    We have also noted that many people don’t know about it or they are not regular online shoppers and all of that just seems too new or strange. That’s why we decided to dedicate a full blog post about it. We are here to help you understand what “Buy now. Pay Later” is and how you can also make use of it.


    What is “Buy now. Pay Later”?

    Buy now pay later is an option of payment that is available on LolaSilk online store. We have partnered with credit providers companies called PayFlex, PayJustNow and mobicred. All three of them offer the possibility of splitting the payments into installments, but as soon as you make the first installment payment, LolaSilk immediately ships the product to you and the rest you pay later. Sounds wonderful, don’t you think?

    Payment options of buy now pay later

    PayFlex will give you the opportunity to split your payments into 4 installments that you will pay over 6 weeks. If you receive a weekly salary or if you just want a little bit of extra time to pay for your new hair, this might be the best option for you so you don’t have to continue paying for a long time after you have received your new wig or weave from LolaSilk.

    PayJustNow allows you to split the payments into 3 monthly instalments. So if you need more time to pay for each instalments that option might be better for you. Both PayFlex and PayJustnow won’t charge you a single cent extra for the credit that they are offering. There will be no additional fees or interests. Mobicred is a little bit different, so we will talk about it a little bit further down the blog


    How to make use of PayFlex and PayJustNow?

    Let’s create an example. Imagine that you are buying a new lace front wig at LolaSilk. You looked at all the beautiful wigs available at our online store and found the perfect lace front wig for you. The next thing you must do is to click on “Buy it now” button which will take you to what we call “check-out” process.

    You will be requested to enter your personal information so we can ship the product to you and after that you will just click on “continue to payment” at the bottom of the screen. This is the part where you can choose your preferred “Buy now. Pay later” option.

    Let’s say you picked PayFlex. As soon as you click and continue, you will be redirected to PayFlex portal where you will be able to submit your personal information (name, age and ID number). As soon as you do that, the system will automatically run a cross check of your information, give you an instant approval and show you how your installments will look like. If you are happy with the payment schedule, they will request that you make the payment of your first installment and LolaSilk store will be automatically notified, meaning that your new lace front wig will be on your way to you.  PayJustNow has a very similar process.

    As we mentioned before, Mobicred is a little bit different. You will have to open an account with them prior to purchasing your lace front wig at LolaSilk (here is the link where you can apply). They will request that you send them some personal information and once everything is set-up and running, you will be able to shop in all south African stores that accept Mobicred and have 1 single bill per month combining all your purchases, which is very convenient, don’t you think? Mobicred is avalaible at LolaSilk store under the PayFast option. You might be able to split your payments into more instalments using Mobicrd, but differently from the other 2 options above, they will charge you interests.

    Are you ready to buy now and pay later? Don’t waste any more time. We have many options of wigs and weaves on sale at the moment, so it is your opportunity to get the new hairstyle that you have been dreaming about in a affordable way. Contact us thought WhatsApp (+27 795 3366) or email ( if you have more questions about our payment options or about our specials. It will be a pleasure to assist you. Happy shopping!

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