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    A guide to choosing the best bob wig

    Every day many of our clients contact us through WhatsApp or email asking for help when it comes to bob wigs. There are so many different options of length, style, textures, colours and caps that you might find yourself a bit confused and wondering what would be the best bob wig for you. That is why we built this step-by-step guide below to help you find the right bob wig for your style and personality that will add lots of glamour to your look.


    what is a bob wig


    What is a bob wig?

    Bob is a type of hair cut where the hair is trimmed short and straight around the head. Bob wigs are between 8inch to 16inches long and are typically viewed as a risk-free hairstyle because it is very easy to style and maintain.

    The first step when choosing a bob wig is to decide which length should you look for. The best tip we have for you is to base your decision around your face shape. If you don’t know which one is your face shape, follow the next steps: make sure that all of your natural hair is pushed away from your face and try go stand in front of the mirror where you can examine your entire face's contours. To determine your face shape, sketch the outline of your face onto a mirror using a material that can be readily wiped from the surface, such a bar of soap or a lipstick. You will get one of 5 options: oval, square, round, diamond, oblong and heart.

    If you have round face, you might want to look for longer bob wigs which will help to elongate your facial lines. Square faces could go for shorter wigs or layered bobs that finish just above the jawline. Diamond faces will look fantastic with shorter hair and oblongs (which are usually longer than they are wide) should pick bob wigs that end at the same level as their jawlines, creating more volume around this area. If you have an oval face any length will look perfect on you.

    bob wig side view
    bob wigs

    The second step is to choose the texture of your bob wig. Surely there are many personal preferences when it comes to texture and you are welcome to pick what speaks to your style and personality. It is important to note that curls add volume, so depending on your face shape, you might want to accentuate or avoid extra volume in specific parts of your face lines. Just to give you an example: if your forehead is the widest part on your head, you might not want to add a lot of volume on the top part of your head, but instead you might want to pick something curly that is longer and that will add more volume to the bottom part of your bob wig, creating a better proportion on your face.

    curly bob wig

    The third step when you are choosing your bob wig should be the type of cap that you are looking for. You can definitely add a fringe to your bob wig. Fringe wigs will always look amazing for heart shape faces so if you have this type of face and haven’t tried a fringe wig yet, we really encourage you to do that.

    For those who don’t want a fringe bob wig, there are many options of cap styles to choose from. Lace front wigsand closure (4x4inch) lace wigs are great candidates if you are looking for glueless wigsthat are easy to install at home.

    bob wig with fringe

    Lastly you will have to choose the colour of your bob wig. You must have at least 1 black bob wig in your collection because it is just a perfect style for any occasion, from more informal day parties to a more formal cocktail events in the evening. If you are planning on adding some colours to your look, start with highlights and ombres until you get used to more vibrant full coloured wigs. Remember, if you pick a human hair bob wig, you can also dye the hair to any colour you like.

    blonde bob wig

    By following this guide, you will be able to select the perfect bob wig that will make you feel stylish and glamorous. Don’t worry if you fall in love with something that doesn’t follow all the steps above. The best part of picking a new wig is to have fun choosing it and not spending time worrying too much about rules or face shapes. You need to feel beautiful and this is all that matters.

    LolaSilk has an amazing assortment of human hair, and heat resistant fiber bob wigs in many different lengths, colours and textures for you to choose from. Click here to have a look at our full portfolio and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts or need any assistance with picking the perfect bob wig for you.


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