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    How to become a successful hair ambassador

    Every day we receive many messages and emails from girls that would love to become our brand ambassador, so we thought we could write a blog post explaining in more details what do we, LolaSilk, take into consideration when choosing our new ambassadors.

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    Different from what you might think, we do not obsess about the number of followers that you have. A big audience is always a great asset, but much more important for us is the engagement that you can create with your audience.


    We will list below what are the most important things you need to master in order to become a successful hair ambassador having all the brands falling at your feet and begging for you to review their products:


     1. Spend some time planning your content – it is important that you know what is the image you want to convey and define what are the types of content that you would like to produce and post. If you don’t know what you want to be, probably no brand will understand what type of content they can expect from you


     2. Post good content that generates engagement – after you decide what types of content you want to do, it is time to produce them. Test many different ideas to see what creates better engagement with your followers. All you want is for them to like, comment, forward and save your posts. Brands love ambassadors that can create high engagement.


    social media engagement 


     3. Show what you can do with your wigs and weaves – if you want to be a hair ambassador, you must act like a hair specialist. Show that you love wearing wigs, that you can rock many different styles and that you can install with perfection – even if you can’t, you must find someone that can help you with that. It would be very hard to get a partnership with a hair brand if none of your posts shows you wearing wigs or if they don’t look perfectly installed on your head.


     4. Build a minimum audience – I know we said that having a big audience is not a must, but you should have a minimum number of followers. If you can grow to 2.000 or 3.000 followers, it is a proof that you can grow your audience and that people are interested in your content.


    5. Show consistency – We know It is hard to post constantly, but for a successful brand ambassador, this is crucial and you won’t be able to afford disappearing for an entire month, for example. The best way to guarantee that you always have great quality content is to plan ahead so you can be in control of you time.


    Be consistent


    6. Make sure you show versatility – if you only create the same type of photo or video, your followers might think you are not that interesting and your engagement rates will drop. Be creative, show your potential and you will get noticed by brands.


    7. Make sure you have the right tools and equipment to create good quality content – you might be great in doing your own make-up and hair, but this is not enough if you don’t have a good quality camera or phone that can take high resolution photos and that will transform your vision into an amazing content. You need to try your best to look professional, even if you need to count with the help of some editing apps. There are lots of them out there that can take your content to a higher level.


    8. Invest your time in multiple plataforms, like facebook, Instagram and tik tok – all of them are very valuable for hair brands and you will also be able to identify which platform has better fit with the content that you like to produce and that show the best growth opportunities for you.


    Being a great brand ambassador demands focus, consistency and dedication. If you put the effort behind it and make sure all the points above are covered, you will find many opportunities to work with hair brands, like LolaSilk


    Have you ever heard about our program “The Face of LolaSilk”? This is a great opportunity for you to launch your career as a brand ambassador. From time to time, LolaSilk selects a couple of potential influencers to work with us on a photoshoot and produce content with our wigs. We also offer a Masterclass to teach our new ambassadors, in detail, how to succeed as influencer’s on today’s competitive world of social media.


    The Face of LolaSilk ad


    Are you interested? Don’t forget to follow us on social media so you know when the applications are open again.




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    You can also subscribe to our newsletter by clicking here. We always send a few reminders when there is a new ‘The Face of LolaSilk” campaign live.


    We hope this blog made you inspired to start working on your social media strategy and that we see you soon as the next Face of LolaSilk. Send us a whatsapp (+27 83 795 3366) or email ( if you would like to know more about it. We will be delighted to assist you.

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