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    Best Wig Styles for a Date Night

    Having a date with your special someone is always like hitting the lottery. You'll be thinking about it for days simply preparing the right clothing, make-up and hair that will make you feel charming and sensual. 

    An exciting date night is an ideal occasion to break out of your hair rut and launch a new, head-turning appearance, but try not to overthink things. Your date is interested in you, not in your hair. Nonetheless, we recognize that adopting such counsel is easier said than done. Who doesn't want to feel and look good on a date?

    A fresh date night hairstyle inspired by some of the recommendations below will help you achieve exactly that!


    We all know that different hairstyles will attract the attention of different types of guys, so maybe you could spend some time reading this blog post and thinking “what is my partner’s type”?  That is why we prepared some tips for the perfect date night hairstyle for each type of guy. If you are going for a blind date or you don’t know your partner’s type, don’t worry, we got you covered on tip number 8.


    • Long Brazilian Wig
      The cool guys: these guys are usually drawn to women with long straight or wavy hair. Long wigs attract everyone's attention, even girls - and we can all agree that this type of man enjoys being seen. No matter which hair texture you pick, just make sure it is carefully styled and well maintained. If you really want to impress, then try to combine this long hairstyle with a bold make-up and high-reels. We bet you will probably notice many cool guys following you around with his gaze.


    • example of Bob wig
      The nice guys: These are the guys who are normally looking for a relationship. Our best recommendation for this type of partner would be to wear your favourite bobs wig. Try adding some waves to spice up your bob look and you will convey the image that you are independent, smart, but also easygoing! Who doesn’t want a partner like that in a relationship?


    • long curly wig synthetic
      The overachievers: these guys adore lengthy and curly wigs. The greater the volume, the more attention it will receive. Long curly-haired women appear to be intelligent, active, expressive, and slightly aggressive, all of which are traits of a lady with a strong personality. Overachievers enjoy a good challenge, which is why they are normally drawn to ladies that wear this type of hair.


    • Ombre caramel wig
      The party guys- anything red, ginger, orange, or caramel hair will immediately catch their interest. Men say that having this color of hair indicates that you love having fun, dislike being bored, have a sense of humor, and want to keep things lighthearted. That is precisely what this sort of man seeks. If this information describes your personality or the image you want to project, you should definitely experiment with several wigs in these colors.


    • Fringe wig
      The romantics- Fringes are romantic looks, and if pushed to the side where it touches the eyes, it becomes seductive to certain males. This hairstyle appears to make the woman intriguing but also delicate. These are the characteristics that attract romantics who enjoy spending time getting to know their partners.


    • The Guy Who Always Liked You – this type of guy will literally loves anything that you wear. He is already in love with you, so maybe pick something that he has already seen a few times – it is probably this look that he had in mind when he thought about a date night with you.


    • Human Hair Ponytail extension
      The sporty/outdoor guy – this type of guy might even invite you for a “date day” and not a “date night”. If that is the case, try to choose a hairstyle that would make you feel gorgeous but comfortable. Ponytail extensions and headband wigs are perfect for outdoor events because they will always look amazing, independently of the weather or how much exercise you will have to do.


    • The “I don’t know which type of guy he is” – don’t worry. If you don’t know who he is it is because he probably doesn’t know much about you as well. If that is the case, pick something that you feel gorgeous and confident but it is not super bold, so he can spend more time getting to know you instead of paying attention to your hair. Natural black hair colour is perfect for this type of date.


    The hairstyle you select whether it be peruvian or brazilian hair wigs will represent who you are as a person, so make sure it is adorable while still expressing your sense of style. And, let's agree that being happy with your hair isn't simply for the sake of your date. It's also meant to increase your confidence!

    Any romantic date night urges you to dress up, but just remember, your date night look is not only your hair. You can also tune down on your hairstyle and bring out your best accessories to complement your look.

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