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    Trending colour combinations for wigs in 2022

    As far as hairstyles go, there is no such thing as going out of style. However, certain styles inevitably fade in and out, especially when it comes to hair colour. Get that new hair colour you've been thinking about. The colour doesn't matter as long as you figure out how to make it work for you, whether it's red, pink, brown, or black. Wearing a wig makes it incredibly simple to experiment with new hair colours and combinations.


    Look no further than the cute wig colour combination trends listed below to see which you would like to try.


    2022 Wig Colour Combination Trends 


    Blonde brown


    blonde brown

    Bronde refers to a chic colour combination of brown and blonde. All hair colours, from dark brown to light blonde, can find a good match in this wig colour combination. Brown hair can be made lighter for summer by adding blonde highlights, and a brownish-blonde shade can serve as a seamless transition from lighter summer shades come fall. High-quality wigs are the best way to try out different bronde styles without committing to a permanent dye job.

    Our super long 28 inch straight lace front T-part synthetic hair wig in ombre light brown may be a perfect match. The lace front and lace side part, both of which are hand-made, provide a natural looking hairline and allow the wig to blend seamlessly with any scalp. For a realistic scalp match, the synthetic hair in this wig is darkest near the scalp and gradually lightens to a brown/blonde shade further down. The seductive vibe is amped up by the side-parted style. Our synthetic wigs' hair is a dead ringer for natural-looking brown ombre human hair.


    Highlights like honey


    honey blonde

    Honey highlights are one of the year's hottest hairstyles, and they also happen to be one of our favourite wig colour combinations for 2022. They soften the appearance of any wig and make it feel more inviting. When combined with brown hues, they add the ideal depth to a design. You can't go wrong with this wig's honey highlights and gorgeous curls or a sleek, straight cut.

    The LolaSilk CEO Vibes wig is a winner. This wig will give you a natural look thanks to its realistic part line and gradual fade from dark to medium brown hair. In every way, including weight, softness, and shine, it's an exact replica of healthy human hair, and its presence alone conveys serious charm.


    Fiery ginger orange



    Want something that stands out but still feels natural? Perhaps orange tones are what you need. One option that is both understated and vibrant is a darker ginger orange. Maybe this will be 2022's hottest shade. 

    Our short bob straight lace front side part synthetic hair wig in ombre gingeris contemporary, fresh and chic. The wig is constructed from flexi fibres, a novel synthetic hair fibre. The colour is somewhere between reddish brown and ginger, and it will definitely help you stand out. It's darkest at the side part, so it'll go with any scalp, and it gradually lightens up from there in a stunning ombré.


    Hot coffee balayage



    The calm, decadent brunette hair colours of 2022 may be a welcome relief from the many bright, neon hair colours of the previous year. You may want to try our Peruvian hair wig loose wave 18 inch lace front T-part balayage wig to set your day on fire and change your life.

    Curls and a lighter brown tone along the hair's length will draw attention to your face, and a side part will draw the eye to your warm, friendly personality.


    Ombre caramel



    Caramel waves with a soft ombre effect, cooler at the roots, warmer at the ends, are a popular style right now. You can subtly add depth to a natural look with the ombre effect, and the lighter roots will frame and highlight your face beautifully.

    The LolaSilk Brazilian hair straight 18inch full frontal wig in caramel ombre has a luxurious colour that will have all eyes on you. The interplay between brown and blonde will make you feel gorgeous, glamorous and confident. The lace frontal allows you to part your hair however you like because the hair strands are tied individually.


    Burgundy blend



    Burgundy hair has the strange ability to flatter every skin tone, which may explain why so many famous people have tried it.

    Our Brazilian bob full frontal wig in burgundy ombre will get your toes in the proverbial purple pond. Burgundy is a great choice of colour for those who want to be noticed without drawing too much attention to themselves. It's a good look whether your hair is natural, relaxed or straightened.


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