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    Top ten timeless wig styles

    Top ten timeless wig styles to try in 2022


    Some women simply ooze timeless style, as if they didn't make any effort, but still managed to look sophisticated, elegant and chic. These women have discovered the secret to the success of a timeless style.


    Classic hairstyles, the epitome of timeless fashion, are always in style. Wearing wigs and hairpieces allows you to effortlessly experiment with classic styles and find one that suits you best.


    To guide your quest, we have compiled a list of timeless wig styles that transcends decades, no matter what the present trends are.


    Keep it long and straight


    Luscious and long hair remain an all-time favourite with women of all ages. If you want a polished refined look, sleek and straight is the style for you. Think Sandra Bullock with her shiny straight and strikingly dark super sleek style. If you choose a high-quality wig, it will last you over many years, and having a wig with lovely long hair allows you to cut and style it in a variety of ways once you need a change.


    Long and layered


    Flowing wavy hair is a diva must-have and all time favourite. Natural waves with movement and body that frame the face will suit any face shape, from oval to square. If you want an easy-going styled wig that won't require much effort in the morning, you can't go wrong with the Jennifer Arniston look from her days in the Friends sitcom.


    Intuitively natural centre parted classic


    Middle parts are ageless and flatter a wide range of face shapes and hair types. It is a style that not only highlights your beautiful features but also reduces the amount of styling time required. You can get this look with straight bundles in any length. Hairstyles with a neat, slick middle part have remained popular for decades with Gwyneth Paltrow the quintessential ambassador for this style.


    The long bob


    A long bob, also known as a lob, can look fabulous on almost anyone. Lob wigs come in straight or curly options with the shoulder length hair giving you a variety of styling options while remaining short enough to avoid excessive upkeep. It is a style often preferred by Kim Kardashian. It's a particularly flattering cut for those with square faces,


    The French bob


    The French bob is a classic style that will never be outdated. The cropped bob features chin-length hair paired with bangs that sit at the brow line. For decades, the style was associated with French actresses from the1920s. Over time people have played with variations on the French bob. Keeping the hair slightly longer can soften a square face. A choppy bob with a side part will give more volume, have a slightly messy look and boost your confidence to flaunt a French attitude with flair.



    The angled bob


    This haircut has been popular for a long time, and it's still holding strong. It boasts a sleek and contemporary appeal that instantly elevates your style. The back of the hair is clipped shorter, while the front of the hair is angled down towards the face. And it's those angles that really make this look pop. Your jawline is highlighted and your face is streamlined thanks to the distinct shape of the style.


    Say it with a bang


    No matter the decade bangs will always be trendy. Bangs are incredibly versatile and the different variations on the cut is fantastic for subtle changes to your style.


    Long hairstyles with bangs are always in style because of their stylish simplicity. There are few other haircuts that can give you such unmistakable elegance and grace, no matter how you dress. A long, silky styled wig with bangs will look truly amazing, whether you want to rock a 1970s look like Cher or a 1990's look like Naomi Campbell.


    Blunt bangs have always been a popular celebrity hairstyle for a dramatic, yet polished appearance. Side-swept bangs will give your hair more pizzazz and will emit a youthful charm.


    The pixie


    Halle Berry is a fan of this timeless haircut. Besides the fact that this cut both complements and enhances your features, it is also the ideal low-maintenance look for ladies who have hectic morning schedules. A pixie cut can be ruffled, choppy, or asymmetrical depending on your preference.


    Curls galore


    Soft and sexy, curly wigs are enduring choices for women who want a classic look with a hint of playfulness. Embrace a full and beautifully blown-out look with like Yara Shahidi or rock various tones of blonde curls like the singer Ciara.




    Ponytails are a modern, easy take on the classic updo styles associated with grand evenings of elegant glamour. Ponytails share the same colour, texture, length, and style trends as Brazilian hair wigs. You can pair a ponytail with a clip-in fringe or a headband for a timeless super sexy appeal.



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