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    Why you should definitely have a short bob wig

    Short bob wigs have become increasingly popular among all our clients in recent years due to their versatility and ease of use. Apart from being stylish, they offer numerous benefits that make them an attractive option for anyone looking to switch up their look.
    If you don’t have a bob wig, we strongly recommended that you get one for yourself.  We have compiled a list with all the amazing benefits of owning and wearing this amazing hairstyle:

    Versatility: They come in various colors, textures, lengths, and styles, so you can choose one that suits your face shape and gives you the
    bob wigsdesired look. Whether you’re going for a more natural appearance or an edgy statement, there is a hairstyle for everyone.
    Short bob are also great options for day or night and casual or formal events. It is perfect for any occasion and they will be a great fit with any outfit.

    Impact: All this versatility also comes with strong impact. Some colours, cuts and textures are considered extremely modern which makes some
    bobbob wigs the perfect style if you want build a bolder look that will create a positive impact. All eyes will be on you for the right reasons. The new bob wigs that are being launched at LolaSilk are far from being boring.  They are just the perfect style for our clientele that want to have a fresh and contemporary look.

    Seduction - Short bobs wigs for sale are classic but still sexy when you show parts of your neck while perfectly framing your face. Try adding some waves to your bob wig to spice up your appearance, and you'll give off the impression that you're successful, intelligent, and laid-back.


      Time: With short bob wigs, styling time is significantly reduced compared to other hair extensions and wigs. A light brush most of the time is enough to keep the style looking neat and put together. You can always use additional tools such as curling irons and blow dryers if you have a more formal event or if you want to add a little extra glamour to your look. This is a great benefit for days when you are just running late and don’t have enough time to style your hair before leaving the house in the morning.


        Comfort: Short bob wigs are lightweight and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Since they don’t have excessive hair, they won’t weigh heavily on your head or cause scalp irritations. Bob wigs from LolaSilk are also breathable because they are cap-less, which allows your scalp to breathe while keeping your hair perfectly in place.


          Cost-Effective: Short bob wigs generally cost less than longer wig extensions due to the shorter length of strands used in their construction. This makes them perfect for those who are working with smaller budgets but still want to be able to wear a luxurious hairstyle.


            Density: Short bob wigs are normally fuller than longer wigs. They are made using shorter hair strands and all of thnem of the same length, which creates more volume at the tips.


              Easy to style – you can easily transform your straight short bob into a loose wave style or a beach weave whenever you feel like giving it a twist.
              bobYou can find bob wigs with many different types of cap constructions. If you choose a frontal lace bob wig, you will also be able to style it with an up-do or add some hair clips and headbands to keep your hair away from your face.Frontal lace bob wig example from LolaSilk
              Easy Maintenance: Short bob wigs require less care and maintenance compared to long-length hairstyles. Shorter hair strands will naturally tangle less, which considerably reduces the need for constant brushing and re-styling. Because of its length, the hair tips do not get as dry as longer strands, which reduces the amount of time required to keep it moisturized
              It is important to notice that all the benefits listed above only apply to good quality bob wigs, the ones that are made with virgin hair with intact cuticles and great cap and lace materials. There are plenty of cheap bob wigs out there, but normally they are difficult to maintain or to style. Good quality short bob wigs will also have the best cuts and style that will make you feel glamourous.
              Now you know why short bob wigs are so popular and that is why there are so many options available. They are lightweight, comfortable to wear, and easy to style, making them ideal for anyone looking for an instant transformation with minimal effort. LolaSilk has many options of bob wigs aligned with the latest hair trends around the world. Have a look at our collection and let us know which one will you be choosing as your next luxurious hairstyle.

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