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    FAQ - The Face of LolaSilk

    As you probably noticed, “The Face of LolaSilk” new campaign is live and as always there are so many of our Lolas wanting to learn more about it. We received hundreds of questions every time we launch a new campaign in search for hair ambassadors and that is why we are dedicating a new blog post just to answer some of the doubts that you might be having as well.


    We absolutely love The Face of LolaSilk campaigns and all the excitement of finding new hair influencers that can grow together with us. We put our best efforts behind it so our faces can feel pampered and stimulated to flourish as real hair ambassadors.

    The Face of LolaSilk campaign banner 

    Here are the frequently asked questions about The Face of LolaSilk:


    What is the Face of LolaSilk?

    The Face of LolaSilk is our way to recruit hair ambassadors and hair influencers that can promote our products and grow organically with us. We believe the most authentic hair ambassadors are the ones that are naturally in love with LolaSilk, with the hair category and really want to grow as influencers.


    How do I know if I have the profile that LolaSilk is looking for?

    We are not looking for a specific profile or look in our new hair ambassadors. We like to select people that are constantly taking and posting beautiful photos of themselves and are used to wearing wigs and hair extensions.

    When you apply, your will add the address of your Instagram and Facebook pages and we will definitely have a look on those! We are not looking for number of followers. The most important criteria is that we can see the potential of you growing as a new hair influencer.


    How do I apply?

    You can go to “The Face of LolaSilk” main page by clicking here and scroll down to find the button “apply now” – it will lead you to the form that you need to fill in with all your details.

    If the link is not working it means that applications are closed. It will be back live again as soon as we launch a new campaign which we normally do a few months later.


    What are the tips for a good application?

    The most important tip of all is to put effort behind your application. We can totally differentiate the applicants that took the time and thought about what to write versus the ones that where in a hurry. We read all of them.

    Make sure you select your best photos or videos to upload and preferable wearing a wig or weave so we can see you know how to install and style them.

    Post on your social media pages the flyer of the campaign with your own photo on it so we can see that you are serious about becoming LolaSilk hair ambassador.


    Can I apply even if I am not a LolaSilk client?

    Absolutely. As we always mention on our communications, we try to give preference to LolaSilk pre-existent clients, but this is not a definitive criterion. We will consider every and each application.


    Can I apply if I don’t know how to install a wig?

    Yes, you can. We will have to find a wig that it is easy to install at your house so you can produce amazing content.


    Can I apply if I don’t know how to make-up?

    Yes, you can, as long as you know someone that can help with that. It can be a friend or even a professional make-up artist. Make-up is important for creating a professional look when showcasing premium products like wigs and weaves.  


    If I am selected, what will I get?

    If you are selected as a Finalist, you will be invited to our professional photoshoot session (if you live in Gauteng) where you will get a new hair plus installation and we will produce together lots of content for our social media pages, website and advertising. All of that with the help of a professional photographer and our social media specialist.

    If you are from outside Gauteng we will send you the hair and pay for the professional installation with a local hairstylist and guide you remotely on how to prepare your content. 

    You will also get to participate on a training on how to grow as a social media influencer with lots of tips on how to become a full time brand ambassador.  

     benefits of becoming LolaSilk hair ambassador


    What is the role of The Faces of LolaSilk?

    After the photoshoot you will produce lots of content with the new wig that you received and share them with LolaSilk so we can boost your face and profile on our social media pages. Don’t worry, we will guide you on this part.


    For how long will I be the Face of LolaSilk?

    We will be producing content together for about a month and after that it will be up to you to stay connected as a brand ambassador, get another hairstyle to produce content and continue your journey as a Face of LolaSilk.


    Can I apply again if I am not selected?

    Yes, you are more than welcome to apply again when we re-open the applications in a few months time. In fact, some of our Faces only got selected after applying 2 or 3 times.


    If you don’t find your doubt listed above, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or WhatsApp and we will be delighted to assist you. We can’t wait to meet our new Faces of LolaSilk 2023 Edition!


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