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    Gorgeous Autumn Wig Styles

    Trendy Autumn Wig Styles


    "There is something so special in the early leaves drifting from the trees – as if we are all to be allowed a chance to peel, to refresh, to start again.” – Ruth Ahmed


    Autumn or fall is a time to settle down, get comfy, and take a deep breath after the summer craziness. These are months that are a feast for the senses, with surprises and pleasures galore.

    We may experience a dizzying combination of nostalgic longing, renewed optimism, and vague melancholy. We may be sentimental, recalling long-gone school days or recalling how excited we were as children anticipating our first term break.

    With the changing colour of the season, we're ready to switch up our hairstyles and hair colours in favour of something crisper and more seasonally appropriate.


    Here's our list at Lolasilk of the most popular autumn wig styles – a little bit of classic with a touch of modern.


    The angular bob


    For some decades now, the bob has been one of the most trusted and popular hairstyles. In fact, the bob never goes out of style, and this autumn, the angular bob hairstyle is a new take on a classic favourite. Also known as back-to-front bobs, the angular bob is shorter in the back and longer in the front, which emphasises your chin. If you have a wide forehead or heart-shaped face this look is best for you.


    Curls, curls and more curls


    Soft, blown-out curls are a fantastic transitional hairstyle for this change of season. You're going for big, lovely curls with a little structure, but with a look that feels soft and silky. The Lolasilk synthetic wigs offer great options as these wigs have style memory and will retain its original style after washing and drying. Layered curly cuts are notably fashionable because they add volume to your style, particularly around the side of the face. The layers also draw attention to the curls.


    Plenty playful layers


    Long, defined layers, with the shortest layer falling just below chin-length framing the face and more layers falling below, is a definite autumn craze. These layers are blown-out to create a sexy, soft appearance.


    Middle parts are making a comeback


    The middle-part is a timeless hairstyle that can be used to achieve a variety of sophisticated and classy looks. Middle parts have long taken a back seat to trendy side parts, but no longer. Originally popularised in the 1970s, when women wanted a style that stood out from the softer styles of their mothers' generation, the middle part has become a classic. Incredibly attractive and easy to pull off, these styles are on the comeback fashion trail.


    Fun with your fringe



    Curtain bangs are trimmed right across the top of your brows and fall directly on top of them. For an edgy, mysterious look, curtain bangs are a great choice for your hair. Don't be scared to experiment with heavier eye makeup to accentuate your eyes even more with this look. This is a great style for those of you who prefer to wait a few weeks between eyebrow waxes. They fully conceal your brow and any flaws in your skin. Curtain bangs can disguise dry or inflamed skin in the winter if you suffer from adult acne. This is a great look for women with oval or oblong faces since it emphasises their features more.

    If these shorter bangs are too much of a commitment for you why not try a grown out fringe for a softer look. Grown out bangs are less likely to become greasy than their shorter counterparts as they rest on top of your hair, rather than your forehead. No more fussing, fluffing, or dry shampooing for the rest of the day. These are also great if you want to experiment with bangs but don't want to deal with the upkeep that comes with a shorter bang.


    The little laidback, little messy shag


    The shag is a mashup of various styles, with elements of rock 'n' roll and casualness. The shag is a cool cut and easy to style with its bitty feel, lots of choppy layers layers around the crown and around your chin and shoulders. This is another look that works well on all wig lengths, but look out for the classic look of a medium-length shag cut this autumn.


    Short pixie


    The short pixie is here to stay and a popular choice when you need a change that is hard to miss. One of autumn’s hottest hairstyles is an extra-trim, short pixie cut. It's the type of hairstyle that's incredibly flexible, makes a statement, and is ideal for women with limited time. Furthermore, there is such a wide range of styles that there is an ideal cut for every woman.

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