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    How to Dye a Wig

    How to Dye a Wig - Step-by-Step Guide

    Disclaimer: We recommend clients to take the wig to a certified hairstylist to dye the hair. These steps on how to dye a wig can be used as a guide only. LolaSilk does not offer returns on wigs that bave been dyed.


    Can you dye a high-end Brazilian wig?



    South African women love Brazilian wigs. At Lolasilk our Classic Collection offers a high quality Brazilian wig that has been tested and salon-approved. The hair is known for its softness, flexibility, thickness and versatile styling texture. It is made from human hair, sourced globally, and lasts significantly longer than their synthetic counterparts. Brazilian hair, though thick, does not tangle easy and can hold up a curl well. As an added bonus, you can pretty much style and colour Brazilian hair wigs similar to what you would your own hair.

    While this means you can choose from a variety of hair dyes on the market, it is important to note that with other styling products like hairspray, brushes and combs you should rather stay with the products that have been designed specifically for wigs.

    When choosing a dye, look for a colour that provides an even and natural looking effect. Many women prefer Garnier Nutrisse  or Garnier Olia Bold for a more permanent dye that will last longer than one wash. Revlon’s Colour Silk is a more affordable option while L’oreal Paris offers a wide variety of colour picks with more than 50 shades to choose from.


    How to dye Brazilian hair?


    First make sure you have thoroughly washed the wig and have removed all build-up that can interfere with the colouring process. If you dye the extensions without first removing buildup from previous chemical applications, the dyeing procedure may be obstructed, resulting in an uneven result. Let the hair dry to the touch by gently patting it with a dry towel and then leaving it on a hair rack.


    Get the right tools


    You will need:

    • Hand gloves to protect your skin from the chemicals in the dye that can cause a skin reaction or mild irritation.
    • Foil to place the hair strands on and then apply the dye. Use hairdressing foils if you can.
    • A mixing bowl.
    • To use an applicator with a nozzle to apply the dye to the weaves.
    • More than one towel to pat down the hair and to provide a surface on which the hair can be placed to dry.


    Keep the process simple and organised


    The last thing you want when colouring your all-time favourite wig is start scratching and scrambling for an applicator, the dye, a mixing tool or a towel.

    Your first step, after washing and drying the wig, is to detangle the hair. Make use of a wide-toothed comb to detangle and eliminate any knots that may cause issues throughout the dying process. Continue to comb the hair until it is smooth and frizz-free.


    Prepare the dye and developer in a solution that will create the depth of colour you want. The amount of dye used will determine the how much developer you use. In addition, the length of Brazilian hair that needs to be coloured must be taken into consideration when determining the consistency.

    The solution must be stirred until it reaches a light consistency for long Brazilian hair. You should be aware that the developer and dye are only effective for 30 minutes after they have been mixed.

    Use the applicator to apply the solution to the weaves that you have placed on the foils. Note that if you want to end up with a lighter colour than the wig, it may be best to bleach the hair first. Do not bleach the hair if you plan to colour the hair darker than the original shade.

    Bleaching comprises a similar process as dyeing the hair, except for the ingredients used and the stand time required. With bleach, the time will depend on the result you require, but as a general rule of thumb stick to no more than 30 minutes.

    As with when you bleach, when you dye the hair make sure there are no knots and tangles. After you have placed the hair on the foils, use the applicator to put a generous amount of the solution directly on the hair strands. You can turn the hair on the foil to make sure it is thoroughly covered with the solution. Once saturated, the hair strands can then be brushed, using gentle even strokes with a wig brush or comb.

    Let the hair stand for between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the intensity of the colour you want. Do not rub the hair dry, but rather use the old towels to gently remove the moisture from the strands before leaving them to dry.

    You may wonder how often can you dye a wig and still get fabulous results. The general assumption is that you can colour your Brazilian wig up to three times, but not without damage to the wig.

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