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    How to Choose the Perfect Ponytail Wig

    A guide to finding the perfect ponytail wig


    We want South African ladies to have access to the greatest quality wigs in a wide range of looks and styles and that is why LolaSilk offers an exceptional collection of wigs for sale at excellent prices. Our wigs are among the finest on the market and are noted for their silky sheen and natural texture.

    If you want to save time and money you could consider our popular ponytail wigs range. But what is a ponytail wig, you may ask? It is a hair accessory that is designed to be used in combination  with your own hair to make it longer, thicker, more attractive and away from your face.


    In this article we hope to give you guidelines to help you choose the right ponytail wig.


    Guidelines to choosing the perfect ponytail wig


    Ponytails can be fashioned in innumerable various ways, and they are a fast and simple way to give elegance or playfulness to a look in a way that is easy and quick to put together. With a few simple clip-on ponytail extensions, you can have long, luscious hair in no time.

    Synthetic ponytails come in endless options and are fashioned with soft synthetic hair that have a drawstring to keep it in place.


    Using a ponytail wig or extension is a quick, convenient and affordable choice for a style that never dates.  Ponytails are a great way to express your mood, attitude and resolve. Whether you want elegant and sophisticated or fierce and flawless, pulling your hair back from your face is a staple style that you can always rely on. Brides love ponytails for a clean classic look.

    Although ponytails are more popular with the younger generation, you can wear a ponytail regardless of your age or hair type.


    To choose the perfect ponytail you have to know the occasion and how you want to rock the event. It can be a day at the races or a drop down dead dinner date, you know a good ponytail can be found for any occasion.


    Accentuate your face shape


    You can choose any style from braided or curly to slick-backed or messy. You may want to take advantage of your unique face shape to narrow down a few choices. Here are some guidelines that will help you find a choice that flatters your face.


    The heart shaped face


    A messy ponytail is an excellent way to balance out a wider forehead with a narrow chin. if you have a heart-shaped face balance your look with a mid-height ponytail. Make the strands messy with a hair texturing product that will tousle the dry hair into a marvellous mess. Back comb the roots of your hair to add volume and restrain the urge to smooth out any stray strands.


    The square face


    You will want to soften your look with a dreamy romantic appearance. Soft wispy curls are an awesome choice and can be put in a low, high or mid height ponytail. Pull out some strands to give your face a velvety gentle frame. Use heat treatment products when you style the curls yourself and hairspray to keep them in place.


    The oval face


    With your symmetrical face shape you can carry almost any ponytail style. For a polished, sophisticated appearance you might consider a sexy slick-backed ponytail. Or, switch it for a low braided ponytail for a cosmopolitan look. Brush out any stray hairs and pull the rest of your hair back or to one side. If you want to add a little of texture, put a few small braids in. Apply a mild hairspray to your hair.


    The round face


    If you have a round-shaped face you will want to bump up some volume on your crown and also wear a middle part to make your face seem longer. You can elongate your look further by having the ponytail high on your head. 

    To do this use a volume adding shampoo that you spray on the roots and then gently backcomb the hair. Comb, rather than brush, your hair to separate the sections without removing the volume you've just achieved. Pull your hair to the top of your head, leaving a few strands loose to frame your face. With a hair tie, you can keep your ponytail in place. Spruce up your look with a scarf or headband.


    What’s the verdict?


    Ponytails make for versatile hairstyles that look fantastic with a variety of looks. You can style your human or synthetic hair wig yourself. If your hair is not thick or long enough, you can still sport a spunky ponytail with clip-in extensions.

    Ponytails are easy on your time, your own hair and your budget. They come in many styles and colours that will activate your imagination to experiment with endless options that will suit any occasion, personality and preference. 

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