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    Best Products for Brazilian Wigs

    Best products to use for Brazilian wigs


    Because the hair in your Brazilian Hair Weave is real hair, you should treat your hair extensions with the same kind of tender loving care that you give your own head of hair. Brushing, moisturising, and washing your hair with the appropriate shampoo and conditioner are all crucial components of good hair care.

    We have compiled a few tips to guide your wig caring routine and choosing the best products for your Brazilian wig that will extend its longevity.


    Brush and wash your wig


    You should brush your wig twice daily, beginning at the ends. Hold your hair down the middle while you brush. Brush the ends first to loosen any knots, and then move up to the crown. Don't brush too roughly, as doing so can trigger hair loss and make curly hair straight. If the tangles are particularly severe, you might use a detangling brush or a comb with wide teeth to brush them out. Brushing too vigorously, especially on curly hair, can cause it to shed. Instead, use your fingers to work out the tangles.

    wash your wig

    At the very least, wash your hair every week. You should brush out the knots before you wash your hair. The hair should be washed in warm water with a mild, moisturising shampoo. The hair will get tangled if you scrunch it, so don't do that. Soak it for 10 minutes if you've used a lot of product.

    The ingredients of the OGX Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Smooth Shampoo include keratin proteins, coconut oil, cocoa butter, and avocado oil. These components will leave your hair clean and smooth, with a healthy sheen and a lively bounce. This shampoo is great for Brazilian weaves because of its ultra-smoothing formula. It fortifies hair and gives it a dazzling sheen. This is a great everyday shampoo for normal hair as well as fine, coarse, dry, frizzy, curly, or dyed hair.


    Rinse and condition


    Warm water is recommended for rinsing hair. Do not scrunch your hair while you apply sulfate-free conditioner. You should thoroughly wash the conditioner off with warm water. The final step, rinsing with cold water, will leave your hair looking and feeling even more luxurious. Brush or comb your extensions only when they are wet with a wet brush or comb with broad teeth. When hair is damp, it exposes the follicles to potential damage.

    African, Peruvian, and Brazilian weaves can all benefit from using OGX Nourishing Conditioner. Coconut milk, which is great for moisturising your hair, beaten egg whites, and coconut oil are the essential components here. It's a great source of protein and other nutrients. Cleans your weave and scalp of buildup and grime with a gentler version of sulfosuccinate.


    Dry and style


    Drying your hair and hair extensions properly is essential for their health. If you don't dry your hair properly, mould might grow, which can lead to serious problems for your scalp. So, clip your hair into sections, braid it, and then dry it completely. Let your hair dry naturally. Don't rub your hair down with the towel; instead, pat it dry and let it air dry. Always use a blow dryer on the medium heat setting.

    dry and style your wig

    Before utilising any hot tools, apply heat protectants. Hair gels, hairsprays, hair styling clays, and so on include short-chain alcohols and sulphates that will dry out your hair over time. If you use heating equipment regularly, you should deep condition at least once a month. If the hair has been chemically or colour treated, the frequency should be increased to twice a month. Taking care of your wig like your own hair will keep it looking and feeling its best for longer. The greatest ways to prevent it from drying out and becoming brittle are to use natural oils, deep treatments, and creams.

    Use a silicon serum or spray to maintain smooth, lustrous, and tangle-free hair. But keep in mind that you only need a grain's worth of it because just a little bit goes a long way. Sprays should be applied sparingly, with the bottle held around 20 centimetres from the hair. Too much serum can build up and weigh hair down and make it look lifeless. Therefore, the more serum you use, the more often you will need to wash your hair.

    TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Deep Smoothing Mask is great if you want your hair to look silkier and glossier. It's rich in South African marula oil, so it's soft enough to use on color-treated hair while yet providing intensive nourishment.

    style your wig

    A weightless shine is produced with Long & Lasting Ultra Shine Silicone Serum 50ml, and it lasts for a long time. It contains vitamin E and a UV screen, both of which work together to preserve the hair. The sheen and smoothness of the hair are both improved by using this serum, and it also helps to reduce frizz and split ends.

    After you've finished styling your hair, give it a light brushing and use minimal hairspray. To prevent the weft from becoming loose and shedding hair, avoid pulling on the hair. TONI&GUY Tousled Texture Creation Hairspray will give your hair a subtle, flexible hold to help it maintain its style all day long. At the same time, your hair will move naturally and will not fall flat. It does not leave your hair feeling crunchy or stiff, and it brushes out readily without flaking or piling up on the hair strands.

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