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    Winter Wig Colours

    Best wig colours for winter


    The arrival of winter is a perfect opportunity to switch up your hair colour. Nothing declares, "I made it through another year of lockdown lunacy," quite like a new hairstyle. Whether you like a more conventional shade or a more daring look, there are plenty of alternatives this season. In terms of specific colours, the palette appears to be becoming noticeably lighter. Colours like rich, neutral browns or coppery gold will continue for some time.


    These are the trending wig colours for winter.


    Softhearted sepia



    Sepia, with its warm, reddish-brown tones, evokes memories of bygone eras, such as faded photographs and our favourite Instagram filters. For someone who wants to make a change but does not want to commit to anything long term, this is one of the best transitional winter hair colours because it is that happy medium between the two extremes. The most appealing aspect of a sepia tone is that it is neither too light nor too dark, so it does not appear too vivid. Choose a chestnut shade with cool undertones that fades out in a faint ombré pattern if you have cooler undertones.


    Dark chocolate


    Many women prefer to go for darker hair during the winter months, so toning down the highlights and going with an all-over brunette hue for the season is a fantastic choice. Dark chocolate hair can enhance the appearance of your skin by making it appear more radiant. Avoid anything that is excessively red if you want to maintain your brunette colour looking as rich as possible.


    Ice ice blonde


    Winter brings to mind snow and ice, which is also the colour of choice for many female fashionistas this season. Reflect the chilly, yet sexy winter vibes with the LolaSilk Brazilian hair bob straight 8 inch full frontal wig in beautiful blonde. Winter white is bright, bold, and stunning.



    Merlot magic


    What s a South African winter without enjoying a lovely glass of red wine in front of a cozy fireplace? Why not have a hairstyle to match with shades of burgundy tones running through your hair. The LolaSilk Brazilian hair loose deep 18 inch full frontal wig in a stunning ombre wine will add warmth to your coldest winter days. It is the loose version of a deep wave that creates a more uniform and modern pattern and it is one of the most popular styles in the country.

    There is something about this frontal lace wig's distinctive hair texture and ombre colour mix that makes it appear as if it came straight out of an iconic movie. It is made of virgin loose deep curl Brazilian hair that is extremely soft to the touch and very easy to style and maintain, and it has a natural wave to it. If you spray a small amount of water on the curly texture, it will activate the curls and change this stunning Brazilian hair wig into a loose wave texture. This wig is ideal for anyone who enjoys establishing their own personal style.


    Fiery copper


    For those of you who don't think sepia brown is quite the red-tinged tone you're searching for, go all out with a deep, rich copper. Hairstyles that are both warmer and deeper are popular this time of year, and this is the perfect blend of those two trends.


    Our long straight deep lace front and clear part line synthetic hair wig in ombre ginger will add sparkle and warmth to any cold day. This straight wig is 25 inches in length and is constructed of LolaSilk’s very smooth synthetic hair. With a hand-made deep lace front and middle part, you can achieve a realistic hairline that will mix perfectly with any scalp. The ombre in this synthetic wig is really soft and rich, and your hairstyle will come alive with the ginger/reddish tint to it.


    Bold in black


    black hair

    If dark chocolate isn't quite dark enough for you, try a jet black dramatic hair colour to take your look to the next level. Glossy, black locks are a timeless stylistic choice. Although black appears to be a monochromatic colour, it actually comes in a variety of colours and sheens. Choose the hue of black that appeals to you the most. Try the LolaSilk long wavy 26 inch frontal lace synthetic hair wig in natural black to make your winter statement.

    The hair on this synthetic wig is an exact replica of a healthy natural black human hair.  The strands of hair are attached manually on the lace frontal to make a precise imitation of a natural hairline from ear to ear.  Frontal lace wigs provide you with the freedom to choose how you wish to part your hair. LolaSilk synthetic hair is manufactured from flexi fibres, which are a specific type of synthetic fibre that is washable and heat resistant. You can safely style the wig with a blow dryer or a heated curling iron after you have washed it and left it to dry.


     We have a wide range of Brazilian wigs to choose from.

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