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    Best Wig Styles for Formal Events

    Best Formal Wig Styles


    Wigs are now a part of the everyday wardrobe and are considered a cutting-edge fashion statement. The demand for wigs has also increased. In today's market, you can pick from an abundance of Brazilian wigs or synthetic hair wigs. If you've ever worn a wig, you're probably familiar with the anxiety that comes with not being able to choose which style is appropriate for a given event because you have so many options.

     The time of year has arrived for formal events such as end-of-year parties, graduation ceremonies, and award shows. How you wear your hair for a formal event depends on the dress code and what look you feel comfortable with. At events like wedding receptions and formal dances, where you'll likely be on the move, your hair should be the last thing on your mind. Put on a look that is both chic and easy. If a ponytail isn't your thing, you can wear your hair in a combination of up- and downdos by using extensions.

     Long, flowing styles give you more options for attending events like parties and luncheons where you will be seated and expected to look your best. There's no need to panic or spend a fortune to ensure that you'll be well-prepared for your upcoming black-tie event. Human hair extensions or wigs can help you achieve a new, attention-grabbing look in a flash, whether you want something short and sassy, long and flirty, curly and fun, or straight and sophisticated.

    By using a wig and a wig stand or mannequin, you can prepare your hairstyle in advance. This will help you save time on the day of the big event and ensure that your entire look is perfect. Here are a few examples of wig styles for formal events. 





    A french braid is a timeless hairstyle that will never go out of style. To create this style, start with three strands of hair on one side of the head and braid them, adding more strands as you go. Any wig can be styled into a french braid. You will be able to achieve this look with a 360 or full lace wig.

    As an alternative, if your wig is a frontal lace, you could do a French braid ponytail. This chic look offers a sophisticated look that works equally well in the boardroom as it does at a cocktail party. To achieve this style, part your hair into three pieces at one of the temples and braid them together, gradually adding more hair to the braid. Make a low ponytail and tie it off at the base of your neck. To complete the look, remove a small section of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the ponytail holder, then fasten it in place with bobby pins. 


    Chignon Bun



    Simple low chignon buns are always attractive. You can achieve this look by pulling your hair to the back of your head, twisting it around itself, and securing it with a ponytail holder and with bobby pins. Before gathering your wig into a bun, give the hair near the top a gentle tease with a wide-tooth comb for added volume. This time-honored look can be achieved with any lengthy hairpiece. 


    Pinned back retro half updo



    For this style, a long wig is recommended. Style your wig in a half-up, half-down fashion, and you'll have an effortless, elegant look in no time. For this style, start by gently teasing the crown of the wig with a wide-tooth comb. Then, using bobby pins or a hair clip, bring the front pieces of hair to the back of the head. Leave some hair out in front to draw attention to your face.


    Full updo


    full updo

    This fluffy look epitomises classy refinement. It can be made in a minute and is therefore ideal for formal occasions. Start by parting the hair at the front of the wig into two pieces. The next step is to use a wide-tooth wig comb to gently tease both parts. The last step is to pin the rear of the head where the teased parts meet. To achieve this look, a lace front wig is recommended.


    The coiffure look


     This hairstyle is fantastic since it complements both long and short wigs. The wig can be styled by gently back-combing the crown. Then, using bobby pins or a hair clip, fasten a section of hair from either side of the front of the wig to the back of the head. This voluminous style works wonderfully with anyfrontalwig.


    Long weaves


     Wearing your hair loose is easy when you have a long weave. If you wear the wig to one side, the soft, voluminous waves will frame your face beautifully and draw attention to your collarbone. This is a wonderful opportunity to experiment with hair accessories that will help you stand out from the crowd. For instance, a floral barrette embellished with pearls and crystals would add a touch of sophistication and romance to your lengthy weave.

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