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    Easy Wig Styling Tips

    Easy & Effortless Wig Styling Tips


    We have compiled a list of the best wig styling tips that every wig wearer, whether they have been wearing them for years or are just starting off, should know. Learn everything from the fundamentals, such as the importance of knowing your size and colour, to the insider tips wig stylists use to guarantee a perfect look every time. You'd be astonished at how much of an impact even the smallest adjustments can have on your appearance, your sense of style, and the realism of your wig. Enjoy yourself and try out a variety of strategies to find what works best for you.


    Invest in a wig head



    You'll need a wig head if you want to do any kind of wig styling, even if it's only trimming the bangs. Cutting a wig while wearing it is a tedious and messy process. Foam heads are inexpensive, but you should still make sure to get one that has realistic dimensions and is around the size of your own head. In most cases, the size of the customer's head will be specified in the item's description. If your wig head is too tiny, you'll have to make adjustments like shortening the wig or pulling it tight when you sew in wefts or create an updo. When the wig is too short in the back, a fast remedy is to put paper under it. More money spent on a larger foam head, canvas head, or wig block will yield better results.


    Invest on adjustable wigs


    Having a wig that doesn't fit properly is the worst. It's not ideal to have your wig slip down your back or look too bulky on top. That's why it's as crucial to getwigs that are adjustable as it is to choose the right colour and design.


    Use the right products


    Proper wig maintenance products are crucial if you want your wig to last as long as possible and retain its lustre and beauty. Wigs made of synthetic hair should be treated with treatments designed for that type of hair. Human hair wigs benefit from being treated with sulfate-free or colour-safe shampoos and conditioners.

    Use wig conditioner or oil sheen spray to quickly and easily untangle your wig. Both leave a thin film on the fibre, making it less likely that the fibres will tangle when being brushed.


    Make the cut your own


    If your wig is too heavy around the face, take it to a salon to have the bangs trimmed, sculpted, or thinned out. The contrast between a store-bought and a tailored cut is enormous. The wig is the designer outfit of your hair. Off the rack might look okay, but with some tailoring it can look spectacular.


    Cut bangs with care


    We advise you to try on the wig in front of a mirror with the bangs left long at first. Place the wig so that it barely covers your front hairline and does not hang too low or too high. If your bangs are too long and are getting in your eyes, you can clip them to the appropriate length. Remove the hairpiece and either snip or curl the bangs inward to shorten them. The length should be adjusted incrementally until the bangs are symmetrical and you are satisfied with the overall look.


    Keep the wig secure


    In order for wigs to look their best, they need a sturdy base. Wig clips or U-shaped hairpins are essential for keeping your wig in place when it is back-heavy.


    Find fusion with your own hair


    A more natural result can be achieved by blending in your own hair at the hairline if the colour of your natural hair is similar to that of your wig. After putting on the wig, use your fingers or a wig comb to gently pick out little strands of your natural hair along the sides and front. This will make your wig appear more natural and help to create a seamless hairline, even if your own hair is only a few inches in length.


    Try something new


    Modern wigs are styled in the same way as real hair. As new trends emerge in the world of hair, so do new wig options. To avoid looking dated or bored with your hair, try a new wig style as a low-risk approach to experiment with current hair trends. Don't let your style become stale by wearing the same thing every day. Of course, not everyone can pull off the latestcolour trends, so if you're just getting started with wigs, we suggest sticking fairly closely to your naturalcolour hair.


    Stamp your statement on the style


    Any cut or style can be successfully worn with the appropriate mindset. It won't look good if you're continually touching or fussing about your wig. Make it your own.  If you carry yourself with pride and self-assurance, you can rock any style. Putting on a headband, scarf, or other hair accessory will help you stand out from the crowd. A wig need not be worn in the same manner at all times. Imagine something new.

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