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    Spring Hair Trends 2022

    Spring Hair Trends to Expect in 2022


    Spring hair trends to expect in 2022

    Whether it's the rebirth of nature or our own personal development, spring always brings about transformation and expansion. For some reason, springtime prompts a plethora of spring cleaning and wardrobe refreshment rituals. Change is in the air this spring, and one of our favourite ways to celebrate is by getting a new hairstyle—and the best part is that you don't have to look far for motivation. One need look no further than social media or fashion magazines to spot a number of fresh spring 2022 hairstyles.

    As the temperature rises and the rains begin to fall, the humidity will reveal a wealth of texture. Hair clips, ponytails, and double buns are simple ways to achieve a polished look that is on trend right now.

    The ponytail wig will be at the forefront of wig fashion in 2022. It’s a simple style that makes a big statement.

    Apart from the runway favourite ponytail, we have some of our favourite celebs to thank for pushing the envelope on some of the most prominent fashion movements of the coming year. Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion, and Cardi B are significant wig trendsetters who aren't afraid to venture out of their comfort zone, so we suggests you look to them for inspiration when creating your hair mood board.


    Dramatically long


    Longer locks,reminiscent to Rupenzel's, will be fashionable this year, so we have good news for you if that's your ideal hairstyle. You might want to think about purchasing a high-quality long wig that sheds and tangles very little, is easy to maintain, and will serve you well for many years to come.


    Layers of the 90s


    Hairstyles from the late '90s and the turn of the millennium are making a comeback, and one of the most popular is layering, which will continue to be popular in 2022. A wig's layers are the key to its signature fullness and volume, thus more is always better.





    Wig wearers have a history of experimenting with bright colours. Indeed, wigs allow you to sport any shade without jeopardising the health of your natural hair. For 2022, fashion gurus are predicting a number of colour trends, including colourful roots. Go for a dramatic look with vibrant colours, à la Billie Eilish, or keep hair simple with blonde, brown, or black roots.


    Going ginger


    To further enhance your attractiveness, choose a custom-coloured human hair wig in a vibrant ginger.  Like a roaring inferno, ginger is a vibrant and captivating hue. It is the very definition of confidence and strength, evoking mental pictures of a fearless, independent person. A shift toward orange was inevitable after 2021's fashion surge for ginger and red wigs. While orange hair may not be a popular choice for the colder months, we should expect to see many more wig wearers experimenting with ginger hues come spring.


    Fringe of art


    Bangs are the easiest and most eye-catching way to update your wig style for the new season. The best part about bangs becoming trendy is that you can have them in any style you want, from straight to wavy to curly. A permanent place in fashion this spring is the wavy or curly fringe. This face framing haircut is modern, stunning, and perfect for exploring a new style. For years, people assumed that only straight hair could pull off bangs, but this couldn't be further from reality.


    A bob for every season


    A bob for every season

    The French bob has been the year's second most popular hairdo trend on social media. A french bob is an abbreviation for "short bob," a style whose origin may be traced back to the sultry jazz of the 1920s and 1930s when it was popular.

    In Spring 2022, asymmetrical variations on the classic bob hairstyle will be all the rage. This bob is not your average bob; it's a bob with personality.


    Upside down ombre


    It's safe to say that ombré is one of those colour treatments that will always be in vogue. A rather significant presence in the wig industry in 2021 was that of wigs with a hue that fades from dark at the roots to bright at the ends. Style experts predict that a reverse ombré will be a major trend in the fashion industry in 2022.

    In contrast to the typical ombré, this colouring style progressively fades from a lighter shade at the roots to a darker one at the ends, as the name suggests. This look can be created with a gradual colour change from blonde to black, or with a striking colour transition, such as from grey to purple in reverse.


    Bixie best


    This hybrid is a combination of the bob and the pixie, as the name suggests. It's not quite as short as a pixie but has more texture than a bob; that's the Bixie. As a result, there is less definition and more texture, making it look wild and free

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