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    Trendy layered wigs are sprucing up 2022

    Trendy layered wigs are sprucing up 2022


    LolaSilk provides and astonishing selection of wigs ‚ÄĒ human hair or synthetic ‚ÄĒ at the best prices to keep you in line with the latest fashion trends.

    Forecasting our favourites for 2022, we are happy to help wig wearers arise from their pandemic couch slumbers to tackle the ‚Äėnew normal‚Äô head-on.

    South African women are ready and eager to hang out at their favourite places, dressed to kill with eye-catching hairdo’s that are setting trends for a back-to-normal social life.

    We see women keen to express their playful spirit in 2022 with catchy layered styles for hair of all  lengths and dazzling bangs that will add a flirtatious touch to any event.

    Trendsetters like Cardi B, Doja Cat, Beyonce and Lady Gaga are inspiring us to nudge our fashion needles up a notch. 90’s layers are stealing the spotlight in a comeback with a modern twist.



    In this article we will explore the trendy layered wig styles that will add a zesty dash to the 2022 ‚Äėnew normal‚Äô.


    Long layers offer endless style selections


    Long layered hair styles are everywhere in 2022 and fantastic choices for long hair. Layered hair adds volume and shape to your hair and give you flexibility when matching style to the occasion. For a sleek and smooth look consider long heavy layers that blend with one another, reminiscent of the Jennifer Arniston ‚ÄėFriends‚Äô look that dominated the 90s cat walks and fashion scene. A longer layer suits both coarse or fine textured hair wigs but will require styling with a round brush and hair dryer.


    A modern mullet or swanky shag


    A mullet is always longer in the back and shorter in the front. A shag is a heavily layered cut. It layers the face but uses the layers to connect the cut.

    The modern mullet has adapted significantly from the iconic 80s look. If you want to make statement, follow the famous footsteps of our favourite celebrities that are flaunting their mullets with swagger. For a dramatic look try a Cardi B long mullet or a shorter spunkier Mylie Cyrus favourite.

    The modern shaggy look works with or without bangs and suits all hair textures and lengths. You will see the cool shaggy wig everywhere in 2022, often with bangs and kept shoulder length for a chicer more contemporary version. This popular wig style gives off a no sweat vibe and is easy to style. After a quick shake out your wig is ready to go or, if you want, add a bit of texture with wig mousse of hairspray.

    Blow-out layered wigs are fluffy favourites for a sexy, soft appearance. Layered bouncy curly wigs are alternative choices to add extra volume to your style, especially around the face.


    The cheeky Bixie


    Blending the best of two worlds, the one part bob and one part pixie, the new bixie offers a shorter cut with a little more length at the top. With its throwback 90s feel, the bixie adds shape and volume to short hair. The LolaSilk half pixie style is a short Brazillian hair style with a front part of about 15 cm long and the back still sporting a cutting edge pixie. This easy to style wig is also easy to maintain and a perfect pick for sizzling summer days.


    Add beautiful bangs with creative layers


    Bangs are an excellent trendsetting choice for 2022, especially if you are looking for a wig without the glue option. Whether straight, wavy or curly a fringe adds panache to your style .

    Machine made fringe wigs are less expensive than lace wigs, but similarly chic and stunning. The first installation of a Brazillian Fringe wig is crucial as this is the time you trim the hair to a perfect fit for your forehead. Installing the fringe wig after that is a breeze‚ÄĒ quick and easy.


    Curly and bouncy

    The LolaSilk short curly fringe wig is a Brazillian hair wig that fits beautifully on any scalp and does not need a lot of money and time to install. These wigs are particularly popular in natural black and brown.


    Short and feathered

    Short feathered bangs are super cool for a softer classic look that hardly ever go out of style. This look is a flattering choice for women with oblong or long faces.


    Side-swept and long

    Diana Ross made side-swept, long bangs famous in the 1960s. Adaptations during the decades have kept this style on the radar and side bangs are better than ever in 2022. Round-faced ladies especially can delight in a somewhat sassy, super cute, slightly longer side-swept fringe.


    Curtain bangs

    Curtain bangs offer a layered fringe look that can be pulled off by almost anyone with straight, curly or wavy hair. These low-maintenance, textured bangs are parted down the middle to frame the face. The longer bangs flow into the hair more naturally for a typical nonchalant French touch.


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