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    How to make your synthetic wigs look new again

    How To Make Your Synthetic Wigs Look New Again

    wigWhen we buy and install a new wig, we feel like proper queens, don’tyou agree? We feel beautiful, walk around with confidence and it seemslike everyone around us can notice our special glow. But how longwill it last?

    We believe that if you take proper care of your wigs, they can keeptheir original glamour and you can continue to feel gorgeous everysingle day. Isn’t that amazing?


    Over time, the hair will start getting dirty, maybe frizzy ortangled, depending on the texture of the hair that you bought. No matterhow much we postpone this day…it will always arrive: the day we need towash our wigs. Don’t be sad! We should see this day as an opportunityto make our wigs even more incredible than they were on the day webought them.

    I am sure that by now you are thinking…what if I bought a wig fromthe Essential line? No problem! The good news is; you can style all ouressential wigs to their original glamour or add curls to your straightstyle anytime you want. The essential line is made with flexi fibers, aheat resistant fiber that can be washed and heat styled with ablow-dryer, flat iron or curling iron, in the same way you would do withany human hair.

    The most important thing that you need to remember when styling youressential hair is; you will have to apply heat to make the curls or tomake them straighter. Just stay below 120 degrees celcius.

    We prepared a 4-step guide to help you style your wig, butfirst, you will start by washing it, so please check our hair care  section on how to wash your wig before you get started with styling. You will have to wait for your hair to becompletely dry before you can start styling it. 

    The wig below is what we are using for this demonstration. As you can see, it really needs some “love”


    Step 1: Brushing

    In the photo, we are using a detangling brush, which is very gentle and prevents the hair from breaking. But you can use any wide-tooth comb or soft bristled brush that you have at home.


    Separate small parts of the hair and carefully brush from the ends to the roots: start combing at the bottom of the hair slowly working upwards towards the roots.


    You will experience some shedding, which is completely normal and it will actually help us to get rid of the extremely frizzy parts. The hair of our essential line if very full, so you won’t have to worry about this.


    You will be ready to move on to our next step when you don’t feel any resistance when combing the hair, which means your wig is completely detangled.



    Step 2: Styling


    At this point, you need to decide what hairstyle youwant. If you are planning to have it straight, you could spray a littlewater to make it humid and use your blow dryer or flat iron to get tothe texture that you want. But we will focus on teaching you how toget those amazing curls back to life.


    You will now begin to separate small sections of the hair androll it up with the help of a roller: it can be any type that you have at home.


    Important tip: the thinner the roller and the smaller the hair sections, the tighter the curls will be at the end.


    In this tutorial, we are using some soft and flexible rollers. They are very easy to use, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience with styling hair. You just roll the hair around it and twist the rollers to keep the hair in place.


    If you have a curling iron at home, you can also use that to curl your hair. Just make sure that the temperature doesn’t go above 120 degrees celcius. In this case, you will roll the hair along the extension of the iron and let if stay there for a few seconds. You will immediately see the curls when you unroll them from the iron; then you can move to a different hair section.


    If you are not using a curling iron, continue separating the sections and rolling them up until the entire hair is done.


    Step 3: Applying heat

    The next step is applying heat. There are a few options for you to choose the one that works best for you:


    1. Blow dry:this is an easy way to apply heat, but it may create a little bit of frizz depending on the type of hair dryer, so this is not our preferred method when you want to add curls
    2. Steam: we like the steam because you always know that the temperature is safe for the hair. You can use a steamer if you have one or use the steam that comes out of the pot when you boil the water. If you decide to use this option, just make sure that all the rollers were exposed to the heat, so you need to rotate the wig to maximize exposure.Be careful not to get hurt.

    Instructions: make sure each roller get at least 3 minutes exposure to the heat of the steam. It is easier to use a tool to hold the wig on top of the steam so you don’t get burnt



    1. Dip in boiling water:thisoption is easy and safe for the hair. However, make sure that you waitfor the hair to be completely dry before removing the rollers.

    Instructions: submerge the wig under the water for a few seconds. Remove it and let it air dry

    1. Put the wig in the oven:we also tested this option and it works perfectly, but only if you canpre-set the temperature of your oven, otherwise you run the risk ofbaking your hair and melting your rollers! – and remember: don’t turn on the grill option if your oven has this feature.

    Instructions: Pre-heat the oven to 100C-120 degrees. Put the wig on a tray and place it inside the oven for about 10 minutes

    Step 4: Removing the rollers

    When the hair is completely dry, you can remove the rollers.

    You will see that the curls will be tight and perfectly round.


    You can wear your style just like that (I love it!) or continue to our next step to create a different look


    Step 5: Opening up the curls

    You can gently take every curl and break them into smaller parts.This is a process called “opening up the curls” and it gives you another option of a glamorous look.


    Do you see the difference in our before and after photos?


    It is very easy, don’t you think?


    Now you can try changing the rollers and see the different results that you can get! Have fun!


    If you have more ideas of how to style your wig, please let us know. We are always searching for new techniques to make our lives easier andmore fabulous.


    Have a glamorous day!



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