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    Face of LolaSilk - Terms & Conditions

    • The PARTICIPANT agrees to participate in an interview if requested by LolaSilk team before the appointment of the finalists
    • The PARTICIPANT agrees to provide more photos or videos apart from the ones submitted in the application to better analyse the potential of the PARTICIPANT.
    • If the PARTICIPANT is chosen as a finalist (FINALIST), she will receive 1 (one) LolaSilk product with which to create products.
    • The PARTICIPANT will be offered a list of products that she can choose from, but we can’t guarantee that the product will be available by the time she chooses. It is a first come first-served basis.
    • LolaSilk will announce the FINALISTS on social media and will not advise individually everyone who registered for this promotion.
    • To enter the competition, the PARTICIPANT should submit all the information requested on the page (page and publish the official flyer of this campaign on their social media pages (link to the flyer).
    • The FINALIST will act as an Ambassador of LolaSilk for a period of 4 weeks from the date of the announcement, which will be made public on LolaSilk social media and the FINALIST will be requested to create a post telling the audience that she is now one of the finalists.
    • The FINALIST must customize the products (plucking/bleaching the knots/ styling the baby hair) if necessary to make sure that the product will fit perfectly on her scalp. If the FINALIST doesn’t have the proper skills to customize, she should hire a qualified profession to do it for her (at her own cost). LolaSilk can recommend specialists if needed in Gauteng
    • The FINALIST must have the wig installed by herself or a skilled professional to make sure it represents the image LolaSilk wants to convey (in the session: “Do I qualify” you will find examples of great installations)
    • After receiving the wig, the FINALIST must send a video of the installation as well as 4 photos after installation is completed (1. Facing the camera, 2. Facing the side, 3. Facing backwards, 4. Something fun ) to LolaSilk (how they will send it to us?). The video and photos should show her face and the details of the installation. LolaSilk will then authorize that the FINALIST start promoting LolaSilk though videos and photos
    • The installation videos and photos after installation must follow all rules listed in the “Media pack” that the FINALIST will receive as soon as she is announced as a finalist.
    • If the product is damaged after customization or installation, the FINALIST will be automatically disqualified.
    • The FINALIST should promote LolaSilk on her social media profiles for a period of 4 weeks after LolaSilk gives its approval for the installation. The effort that the FINALIST puts on promoting LolaSilk will be crucial for the FINALIST to become a LolaSilk ambassador
    • The minimum promotion that the FINALIST must do to qualify as an Ambassador is 1 post per week and 1 stories per week for 4 consecutive weeks. If the FINALIST misses this requirement one week, she is expected to compensate the number of posts•stories on the following week. If the FINALIST misses 2 weeks of the minimum requirements, she will be disqualified and will have to return the product to LolaSilk
    • If the FINALIST after receiving the product does not send back the installation video + photo after installation, she will have to return the product to LolaSilk. In case the tag has been removed, the FINALIST will have to reimburse LolaSilk of the value of the product (prices will be provided for each product that is part of this campaign)
    • Each FINALIST will receive a promo code linked to their names to be promoted on their social media. Any client who buys @ lolaSilk online store using this code, the FINALIST will win a commission of 5% on the order value (excluding VAT)
    • If the FINALIST needs to wash and re-style LolaSilk product, it must hire a professional hair care specialist. Any damaged to the product caused by lack of proper care may lead to disqualification
    • The FINALISTS will be acting as possible ambassadors of the brand, so they must act in accordance to the standards and values of the brand during the time they are promoting the brand. No sexual photos, or showing intimate parts of the body will be accepted. Discriminatory comments will disqualify the FINALIST. The use of bad words or drugs, alcohol mentions will also not be allowed. No photos of kids are allowed on the posts promoting LolaSilk.
    • The FINALIST shouldn’t make negative comments about LolaSilk on their social media during the time that the campaign is on. After the campaign is finished the FINALIST should not make negative posts to complain about the fact that she was not chosen as an AMBASSADOR. This is a competition and unfortunately we can’t choose everyone.
    • LolaSilk reserves the right to post and re-post all content created by the FINALIST when she is using LolaSilk product, even contents•posts where the FINALIST hasn’t tagged LolaSilk.
    • LolaSilk will tag the FINALIST every time there is a post related to the competition. Every FINALIST is expected to comment on LolaSilk post every time she is tagged.
    • Bonus points will be allocated for the FINALISTS who shares the content from LolaSilk pages to their pages.
    • LolaSilk has the right to use the content and photos created by the FINALIST on LolaSilk website, social media, advertisement, email marketing campaigns.
    • The FINALIST must submit to LolaSilk the raw materials that has been used for promoting LolaSilk (photos and videos in raw versions and high resolution) so they can be edited for LolaSilk paid and non-paid campaigns
    • the FINALISTS followers (and non-followers) will be able to vote for the FINALIST’s performance during the 4 weeks of promotions. The voting system will be available @ LolaSilk website and instructions will be sent out to all candidates as well as published on LolaSilk social media
    • Finalists will be “crowned” LolaSilk AMBASSADORS based on the number of votes that they receive, the amount of dedication they demonstrated during the 4 weeks as a FINALIST and the quality of the content•product installation that the FINALIST was able to produce.
    • If the FINALIST is chosen as a winner, she will be called “AMBASSADOR” OR “THE FACE OF LOLASILK”. The FINALIST will have to sign an specific contract that will be valid for 3 months.
    • During these 3 months the AMBASSADOR will continue to promote LolaSilk with minimum 1 post and 1 stories per week and will receive 1 LolaSilk product per month to advertise. (A separate contract will be signed after the Ambassador are chosen)

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