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    10 Best Trends for Brazilian hair wigs in 2021/2022

    10 Best Trends for Brazilian hair wigs in 2021


    There is always so much going on inside the wigs market, don’t you agree? Even when we try to look only inside the Brazilian Hair segment, every season there are so many new hairstyles to choose from that it is hard to keep up with current trends. That is why we decided to build this post: to help you, who love Brazilian hair as much as we do, to find out what are the latest and most important wig hairstyles trends for spring and summer 2021/2022.

    We analysed the most relevant trends in the hair and fashion industry around the world and combined these findings with the latest launches of human hair extensions, weaves and wigs. Based on this analysis, we were able to build a short-list of the 10 most important trends for Brazilian Hair Wigs.

    The list below is not in any particular order of priority, because no trend is more important than the other. They are all equally exciting in our opinion!

    Are you ready to find out the best trends for Brazilian hair wigs in 2021? Let’s dig in!

    1. Modern Bob Hair

    You must be thinking: how can a bob wig be a trend? Such a classic hairstyle, right? But there is a new bob hairstyle that is arriving to steal the show: the one that is a bit longer in the front part, giving it a more modern look.

    In terms of hair length, anything from 8 to 14 inches long would work perfectly with this beautiful hairstyle. The options of colours for a Brazilian Bob wig are endless and the bold colours are here to stay as you will see below in another one of our trends.

    Modern Brazilian hair bob 10inch straight longer at the front

    The picture above is an example of a Modern Brazilian Hair Bob Wig with a shorter cut at the back and longer inches in the front part, which helps to better frame the face, and will give you a more modern and sleek look.

    2. Short Curly Fringe

    Fringe is a trend by itself, as you will see on another hot trend later on in our post, but this specific hairstyle deserved its place on our trend list. A short curly wig with a fringe is the “new kid on the block”. This type of Brazilian Hair Wig fits very well on any scalp and you don’t have to spend a lot of time and money to install and style this wig - it is just simply ready to go and always stunning.

    The natural black and brown balayage colours seem to be the ones that will be on the top of the list for this short curly fringe wig.

    3. Headband wigs

    This type of Brazilian hair wigs is popping everywhere, which could lead us to think that headband wigs are not a trend anymore, that they are a reality already. This is true, but on the other hand, there is so much more still to come for headband wigs, that we can still consider this a trend and a very hot one.

    Prices of Brazilian hair wigs, especially for lace wigs, which are handmade, have risen substantially in the last few years, mainly due to the effects of Covid-19 on all the Brazilian hair supply chain. Headband wigs, which are not made using lace, can be a more affordable and equally gorgeous option.

    The options of headband wigs hairstyles are growing every day, from short to long virgin hair, straight to curly hair -  all of them can be combined with many different options of the most stylish headbands. Who wouldn’t love to give them a try?

    Brazilian Hair Headband Wig Loose Wave 16inch

    The photo above is our next launch (only pre-orders are accepted for now). It is a beautiful Brazilian hair water wave headband 16inch natural black - pure luxury, don't you agree?

    4- Glueless Lace Wigs

    We all love ear-to-ear lace frontal installations and how incredible realistic they look on our heads, but the truth is: you can’t have a professional installation every week and/or it is not every day that you feel like using some glue on your scalp, isn’t that right? That is why lace front wigs with middle or side part lines are making a comeback.

    Everyone needs an option of a glamorous and natural look hairstyle, easy to install and that is ready to go in a few minutes. Lace front wigs don’t need glue to hold them in place and if they are made of a good quality Brazilian hair, they can be customized (bleached and plucked), just like frontal lace wigs, which will also give you an amazing realistic and beautiful hairline.

    Apart from all the practical aspects, lace front wigs are also less expensive than full-frontal lace wigs, which makes them even more appealing to wig lovers around the world.

    The picture below is from LolaSilk Lace front human hair wig with a realist handmade side part line.


    Loose Wave 11inches Brazilian Hair Lace Front Side Part Line Wig

    5. Blond or Blonde Brazilian Hair Wigs 

    There are so many names for this blond hair colour: 613, blonde, platinum blond, barbie, etc, that you probably saw already a human hair wig like that, haven’t you? This colour will continue to boom in the next season just because no one has fully explored all its potential yet. Many women are getting used and still hesitant to try on this bold colour of hair. There are many options of styles still to be launched in this colour and the more people wear and have fun with it, the more this colour will continue to explode in the Brazilian hair market.

    613 colour blond Brazilian hair frontal lace 8inch wig

    The picture above is our latest arrival: a full frontal ear-to-ear short blond Brazilian hair wig.

    6- Balayage colour for Wigs

    We will start to see everywhere the balayage colour for Brazilian hair wigs, a mix of different shades or brown, caramel and blond hair colours. This type of Brazilian hair colour, was done by customization only, but now it is being sold already customized in the balayage colour due to an increase in consumer requests. Balayage can be used in many different Brazilian hairstyles and textures.

    Peruvian Hair Balayage Brown Curly Pixie Wig

    The picture above is our LolaSilk Peruvian Hair Balayage Chocolate Pixie Wig

    7- Fringe

    As we mentioned before, fringe will continue to be a hot trend in the Brazilian hair market and can be used in any type of hairstyle. Fringe wigs are typically machine made, which makes them considerably less expensive than Lace Wigs and equally beautiful and chic. Hairstyles with fringe will continue to be launched in many different colours, textures and lengths.

    The first installation of a Brazilian Fringe Wig is the most important one, because this is when you trim and customize the fringe to have a perfect fit to your forehead. After that, the installation of a fringe wig is so quick and easy that you will feel like wearing it every day.

    Fringe 10inch straight Brazilian Hair Wig Natural Black

    The picture above is LolaSilk Short Peruvian Hair Fringe Wig Natural Black

    8- Natural Afro Hair

    Who doesn’t love beautiful afro hair? This hair style is so trendy that we can see many suppliers adding this texture to their portfolio of human hair wigs. Afro Human Hair wigs, especially the ones we have at LolaSilk, are super silky and have a lot of volume. They look super natural and are very easy to style – just spray a bit of water to activate the curls and voilá! That is why we believe there is still lots to come, especially in terms of hair colour, for this amazing hair texture.

    The picture below if from our full-frontal Brazilian afro hair wig 18inch – incredibly natural and stunning look.

    Afro Curl 18inch Brazilian Hair Frontal Lace Wig

    9- Half Pixie style

    This is a short Brazilian hair style, where the front part is normally 6 inches long and the back is a perfect pixie. The best way to wear this hairstyle is creating a nice volume at the top, like the photo below from our Pixie back full-frontal Brazilian hair wig. This type of Brazilian wig is very easy to maintain and to style and perfect for hot summer days.

    Pixie at the Back 6inch Brazilian Hair Kinky Curl Wig

    10 - Ponytail extensions

    Although this is not exactly a wig, ponytails are a hot Brazilian hair trend that deserve a space on this list. Everyone already knows ponytail extensions, but in the next season there will probably be an explosion of different hair textures, lengths and colours, which will add lots of excitement to the hair extension market. The interesting part about hair ponytails is that they also follow the same trends as Brazilian hair wigs in terms of colours, textures, length and styles - you can always combine a ponytail with a clip-in fringe or a headband to your final look and explore all the same trends as Brazilian hair wigs.

    Ponytail Brazilian Hair Extensions 18inch Natural Black

      The picture above is our LolaSilk 18inch Brazilian hair wrap around Ponytail 

      Final comments

      If we look at all the trends listed above there are hair colour trends, style trends, texture trends for Brazilian hair wigs, but it gets even more exciting when we start combining all of that, for example: a wig that could be made with a balayage colour (trend 6) in a curly short Fringe (trend 2). There are endless possibilities for you to be on trend but also to find your own style.

      Which hairstyle trend would you pick? Here at LolaSilk, we believe that it doesn’t matter if you pick a hairstyle that is trending or not, as long as you are having fun with your hair.

      Contact us for more information about the Brazilian hair trends or about LolaSilk.  We would love to hear from you. 

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